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  1. Thank you BBB, I appreciate you trying. I'm not blaming you, so don't think my anger is directed towards you, because it's not. It's directed at CoolerMaster. I have filed an official complaint against them. It is illegal to advertise a product having a feature when it never did. And then to not even bother offering a refund is just wrong. I find it insulting that I spend that much money on a case and now I'm stuck with it. If I wanted a case without a removable motherboard tray, I would have ordered the original Stacker. Or better yet, I would have spent $60 on a Chieftec Dragon case and carved out the 120mm holes in the back with a dremel myself. The fact that all they want to offer me is a side window (which I already have) or a 4-3 module (completely useless to have more than 1), is insulting. They broke the law, it's a matter of principal. I could have bought any other case, but I bought that one. The reason being that it contained all the features that I was looking for. Now I find out that it didn't, and if I had known that beforehand, I would not have bought it. That deserves a refund.
  2. Are you kidding me? I bought the sidewindow when I bought the case. And I have absolutely no use for yet another drive cage. I'm ready to put the case up on eBay and I am most definitely boycotting CoolerMaster from this point on. I am also going to file an official complaint with the Better Business Bureau. You can't advertise a feature on a product and then sell it under the pretense that the product has that feature only to tell the customer, "Oh, sorry. We were going to put that in but decided against it at the last minute." No, that's false advertising and I am completely outraged at this.
  3. Any word yet on what CM is going to do for us fools that they duped into buying their new useless case?
  4. Thanks BBB. It is absolutely ridiculous that they advertise this feature and then they remove it before shipping *without telling anyone* And then the trouble you've been going through for us is even more ridiculous. Not for nothing, but one of the reasons I bought the case is the removeable mobo tray. I'm adding watercooling to the rig, and it makes it impossible to see if the CPU blocks are correctly sinked by just taking off the side railing. You're supposed to be able to remove the motherboard in order to properly verify everything is mounted correctly. An incorrectly mounted waterblock would be disastrous. I'm sure CoolerMaster isn't going to pay for a new rig if/when mine blows up from improper WC installation. Thanks for the help on this one. Hopefully they'll come back with a satisfactory answer. And I don't mean having me pay $20-$50 in shipping to send it back, either.
  5. I agree, that's pretty messed up for them to do me and other people up like that. I think I may have to boycott the company and tell all my friends to do the same. Between shoddy customer support, false advertising, and now devious business practices, I'm a little ticked off. I'm tempted to call the BBB.
  6. CM Stacker 810 That is current, and it says
  7. That's odd, because like I said, even the website still lists it as a feature. If you could, I'd love an update. I've heard from people that it's removeable, but none of them have been able to offer any assistance. (I think they are just going by what they heard/read and don't actually own the case).
  8. Actually I only saw the 4 that I have pictured. The website says it's removeable, and that cryptic email that I got from customer support said it's removeable.
  9. The customer support. I had emailed And I received an email back (I think the reply-to was from and they said check the manual. And then like I said, some stupid thing about a chassis mod contest. That was it. Some help they were
  10. Thank you merovingian. I have the motherboard in, and it's fairly secure. Just that one offset screw doesn't sit right. It's sitting flush *enough* to support the board, but it's off from the screwhole on the mobo. I know the mobo isn't the issue, it fits fine in any other case. I think that thing was just misthreaded. A few of them were tough to get the offsets in, but all of them except for that one were flush. I'd rather not send back the hole case, it was about $30 shipping! As far as removing the motherboard tray goes, I have a picture of the backside here. As you can see, I circled the 4 visible screws, but I'll be damned if I can find what else is holding it in other than rivets, maybe. You can see it's a little different than the previous Stacker. That one had 4 screws along the top, this one does not. Hope that helps.
  11. Hey, maybe I'm just blind, but for the life of me I can't figure out how to remove the motherboard tray on the 810. I noticed 4 screws in the back where CM would refer to as the "Right" side (if you're looking at it from the front), but that only loosens the tray, so obviously I'm missing something. I looked up and down the tray and the rest of it looks like rivets. I decided to try putting the mobo (MSI P4N Diamond) in without removing the tray and one of the standoffs does not line up with the holes in the motherboard. The rest of them line up nicely except for the one. It's located at the very bottom of the lower 120mm fan in the rear. The problem is that the standoff does not screw in properly. Without forcing it, I did manage to screw the standoff in but it is at a slight angle. I tried screwing it in straight, but it just wouldn't go in at all. When I screwed it in at a slight angle, it went right in, almost as if it was misthreaded on the tray. Anyone else experience this? By the way, I tried emailing customer support here in the US and their response was basically "You unscrew it. Follow instructions in manual (of which there are none on how to remove the tray, by the way). Don't forget about our case modding contest!" Boy, some customer support. So I turn to you here at the forums. Please help me out.