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  1. How did it work out for you? Just wondering.
  2. "Also how hard would it be just to buy a few 200mm blue or red LED CM and replace the LEDs myself? and would that void the warranty on those fans (not that $18 is really going to break the bank)?" FrozenCPU used to sell them and unless Cooler Master has any on their stock or you can find them on eBay you'll have to change them out yourself and of course this should void the warranty. Here's a guide:
  3. Just a FYI: those grommets are not a perfect fit to any of the Cooler Master cases as in my scenario the 690 II Advanced USB 2.0 version to which I had to cut those grommets to make them fit while keeping the symmetry of the center rubber cuts.
  4. Here you go : ... -800d.html
  5. I don't know about lowes or home depot as I never had to go searching for this. Here's a source for rubber sheets/materials, but don't ask me exactly what to get.
  6. I happen to own both the HAF 912 and 690 II Advanced USB 2.0 model cases and the HAF 912 holes are a bit narrower than in the 690 II Advanced case. I did a grommet mod in my 690 II Advanced USB 2.0 model case using Corsair case grommets, but in the HAF 912 it's tougher because again the holes are narrower so hence never did it with my HAF 912 case. Here's an older photo with the mod in my 690 II Advanced USB 2.0 case: There are videos that show an alternative if you want to try (your mileage/kilometers may vary) though: Please look at this one first - then this one,
  7. What version of the case do you have?
  8. Hi amdcrankitup, Part # R4-LUS-07AR-GP. nickt1862
  9. Hi mewandwing, You have a HPTX sized motherboard which is HUGE and the 690 II Advanced is not made to fit that sized motherboard. Thanks, nickt1862
  10. Yeah maybe the Cooler Master brass should re-evaluate the limited availability and to make it widely available in its store and also add availability to retail outlets as it seems to sell out and has a good enough demand out there IMHO.
  11. Hi denial, I'm now catching up with this thread as I haven't been in the CM forum for a bit. It seems then that you probably either have a defective PSU or not enough wattage especially with a static type noise coming from there I'd stop using it immediately and get a replacement. If you look in the site under the reviews for this PSU there are some people who had this PSU on average 60 days with complete failure, though this can happen with any manufacturer of electronics - the nature of the beast as they say as there's some "bad apples". Please let us know the outcome if you will. nickt1862
  12. Hi, I was thinking this as well but then the OP said "buzzing" but he/she may have meant "whining". Sometimes I'd wish people would describe their computer issues more precisely. nickt1862
  13. Hi, Where is the noise coming from?, well I would check the GPU first. Possibly the fan is spinning harder because the increased demand and getting hotter and either or has dust or that GPU fan is defective resulting in that noise more pronounced. Also check for either something getting into the path of the few fans you have in your case or if those fans are perhaps going bad. Have the case opened close to your ear while this noise is active so then you can pinpoint it better as sound travels and too easily not diagnosed correctly from it being from "a distance". BTW: What case are you using? nickt1862
  14. Hi, I take it that you made sure that the fan screws are tightened and there's nothing touching the fan blades. If so, you need a fan replacement. In what part of the world do you reside? nickt1862
  15. Hi TheSlayerIsBack, I should have thought of linking that PSU calculator initially ( at myself) and very sorry about that and thank neverXmiss for linking it. Thanks to you both, nickt1862