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  1. i really would like to get a cm case it just really concerns me cause of the dry air and carpet in my room i have the pc on a desk the way the desk is it would be kind of hard to touch the back of the case i dont know what to do..i know it said if theres a problem cm will help me out but i dont want to have to run into that problem to begin with
  2. i am building my first pc..and ive had my eye on a few cm cases but now that ive gotten closer to actually doing this i started researching and what not and im very concerned about this static electricity problem with the front panel of many cm cases i was originally interested in the cm 690 ii advanced,the storm scout or even the haf x if i could find room for it but these postings all over the net including this board and various reviews about this static electricity causing reboots has really caught my eye and has halted me from jumping right into a cm case especially since i live in ny and right now its very dry and the room the pc will be is carpeted even though the case will be on a desk so should i be concerned?..has any changes been made to the cases to insure this doesnt happen..after reading such things its really got me looking elsewhere even though i dont want to..if i had some sort of guarantee that i wouldnt have an issue that would be one thing but i see people still having this problem based of recent reviews so i dont know what to do