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  1. bobt

    WaveMaster II

    I noticed a slight difference in size from the original Wavemaster but will any of the parts be interchangeable? Like the removeable tray or the front assembly which appears like it might solve the problem that others are having because the original design consisted of ~200 small holes and absolutely no air flow?
  2. bobt

    WaveMaster II

    The Product Sheet has a couple shots of the interior- Does anyone know when this case will be released and the price?
  3. After removing the housing's foam dust filter, volume coming from that fan has increased quite a bit. A 6"X8" sheet of paper placed over the opening will not remain there anymore but when the foam filter was in place it would just sit there and not move an inch. The downside of utilizing that opening is the amount of noise and only bringing down the CPU's temperature a measly 3-4C. Opening the bottom half of the front assembly which contains the on/off and reset button a couple of inches gained another 3-4C and removing the side panel lowered the temperature by 8C. It seems that the only other option is to add fans on the side panel and wear ear plugs because of the noise. If a 120mm fan is added, will the side panel vibrate? Has anyone else besides me been foolish enough to put a Prescott in this case and how hot or cool is it running? Thanks to everyone who replied to this thread -
  4. Please put your hand near the 80mm fan that is located in back of the case - notice how most of the air movement from that fan is felt around the outer edges or to the left or right of that opening and if that hand was moved directly behind the fan's exhaust is not as strong? I'm just trying to find out if other people have this problem. The fan that I am using claims to move 40CFM and spin at 2800rpm but I can hardly feel the breeze that should be generated with those specs.
  5. Replace it with what - Is a special type of fan with angled blades to direct the air straight out?
  6. WaveMaster- Optional Top Fan? Replaced the USB Module with a Maddog 80X25mm fan and it does not seem to be moving enough air. Hardly any air flow is felt compared to the rear exhaust fan, which seems to expel five or 6 times the amount. Is a special type of fan with angled blades needed to direct the air straight out and shouldn't the vented screen which houses the fan protrude at least one-half to three-quarters of an inch beyond the case? I'm wondering about the design because most of the air flow from the rear 80mm fan seems to originate from the outer edges, not directly in back of that fan. If others could please suggest any modifications to a WaveMaster case, I would greatly appreciate the help. Am running a Pentium 4 Prescott 650 and temperatures are 56-58C downloading a DVD from Usenet and launching the Prime95 Torture Test for 10 minutes topped it off at 65C. Thanks for reading this-
  7. A Great Big Thanks to: domoMKIV, knghtbrd, RaptorFury, ninuhadida & Varry for all the useful advise. Was strumming my lips and just about to lose what's left of my marbles sitting around waiting for the person who gets paid to masquerade as a CompUSA Technician to post the computer. Finally had enough and decided to bury my nose in the Asus Manual and attempt my first build. Two and a half hours later, a pile of useless circuitry and scrap metal was transformed into something functional. Slammed in the drive from a previous build and uninstalled the existing video drivers, applied the latest and I was off and running. The earlier build was basically the same parts but the latest is a lot quieter and does not sound like the DVD Burner is spinning at warp speed 24/7. The processor with a stock fan is running a bit cooler but it's nothing to write home about. If Coolermaster would redesign the tray, that would be enough incentive to build two or three computers a year now that I finally gained enough courage and can cut out the middleman. . . Thanks Once Again Everyone, for the much needed help and support. Aloha and Mahalo Nui Loa from Honolulu, Hawaii -
  8. The person showed me that the assembly could post after removing it from the case and using another Antec power supply. He did not swap the existing which was housed in the case and test it with the same power supply that was lying on his table. Thanks for the suggestion -
  9. An Antec Truepower 2.0 430W thanks for the reply -
  10. The person even tried putting washers at the bottom and top of the standoffs but it still wouldn't post. Is there a compatibility issue with Asus motherboards and Coolermaster?
  11. im using silver standoffs in my stacker and there are no shorting problems. The person that put it together said that the Asus motherboard is touching the runners which guide the slide in tray. The funniest part of this whole situation is that the motherboard posts when it's out of the case - Please help -
  12. Having a problem getting the computer to post. If the assembly is not connected to the case it displays the manufacturer's logo on a monitor screen but as soon as the motherboard is placed in the case nothing happens. The person who put together the computer says that the silver standoffs which were supplied with the Wavemaster is shorting out the motherboard. Has this happened to anyone else? Thanks -
  13. Instead of boring holes in the panel, has anyone tried this on their case? and here's another example: Does anyone know if Coolermaster is in the process of redesigning the pullout tray?