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  1. how was the stability of the case after the cut? did the mobo weight flex it at all?
  2. I just came to post the same thing...the design is crap. why should I need to get out a dremel and void a warrenty to avail myself of an advertised benefit....What is coolermaster going to do to help us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Lga 1156 and 1155 are interchangeable, as far as where the holes are are in the mother board for coolers. I have the 212+ install on my sandy bridge system. No problem.
  4. that is the orientation. I have a XFX 6870. I also have the hyper 212+ I could probably just cut out the portion of the cowl that is hitting the bracket. Or just take it off, which is what I have done to far. I guess it is not such a big deal, but you would figure that this would have been considered by the manufacturer. what are you going to do.
  5. the avdvance GPU holder that come with the case, see your promo pic. the one that screws in to the back and straddle the gpu. bottom left.
  6. HAF X side fan cowl bumps into graphic card bracket. Can any one explain if I am doing something wrong. When I us the HAF X GPU bracket and then try to put the HAF X side panel on the fan cowl hit the bracket and I cant get it on. I would thing that the case would work with its self. There are two parts from the same case, they should fit. Its now like I am taking a part from one item and putting it into the case. Can tech support clarify this issue and suggest a solution to getting the the side panel on with everything working as I expected when I bought this case,please.
  7. Thanks for the news flash. At this point I knew that. Needed the info back then. Everyone now knows the holes are in the same alignment as the LGA 1156.
  8. no I am in the US. I did find it on a site that appears to be german. this is the link: http://www.pcb.se/ItemInfo?itemId=48355 ... in3h7oki4s
  9. thx. although I tried googling this and came up with nothing, any suggetsions on how I could locate this would be appreciated.
  10. Is there anyone from Cooler Master that could provide some insight to my question? Thank you and happy holidays.
  11. Is there anyone from Cooler Master that could provide some insight to my question? Thank you and happy holidays.
  12. Can anyone recommend a blue LED fan for the HAF x front? I dont own this case yet, but ultimelty would like to have a blue LED on the front and not red. Is this possible, is it a swap of the existing red fan. Dont have the case yet but trying to plan for a early January build.
  13. Will the Coolmaster Hyper 212 plus be compatible with Sandy Bridge? I have heard of other companies issuing a new back plate to make their existing coolers compatible with Sandy bridge chips. Does Cooler Master have a position on this yet? I want to get the I7-2600K and I already have the Coolmaster Hyper 212 plus cooler. Please let me know if there is any info on this. I want to build in early January and that is why I ask. I cant find a realiable and consistent answer. Any help and insight would be appreciated!