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  1. i have add this case because i need stell from it and some parts , i will add a fan in the top of the computer build,
  2. i have work a bit about a 1-2 hour on my build, i didnt brought the paint and the necessary stuff yet but its coming, here the little bit of work ive done, im probably gonna work tomorow morning on it also Name of the project : CM15 color : black, yed,white its far away to be finished im gonna add more and more stuff,plexiglass,fan,etc etc etc i tried to put the parts toghether to see what is gonna happen, im tryng to find a way to fit those pieces toghether
  3. hi good luck dude is that a Nzxt lcd fan controler that you have there ? damn !! i want one
  4. black primer is applied to the base tower and motherboard pannel.not sure if im gonna keep the motherboard panel well im going to the store to buy black paint, red paint, and also white paint for the special Cooler Master Logo. and i also have to buy transparent plexiglass well later on the street...!!!
  5. i will try to make something with this remote controler for television,,,, well, i say i will try... im also tryng to make some New with old stuff!!!! i like it
  6. Im Sorry but its a No-Name for now, I will probably put my idea on the table this saturday morning. ( But im not sure if i will be able to find a name this week-end) I need more time. Just give me until this saturday morning, so i can regroup my thing , idea, and i will probably have a name to announce Il keep you guys up-to-date with this Later!!!
  7. Reserved again !! Here a little bit of work tonight... I started to remove the clothes of my machine !!!! That was the first time experience!!! incredible how its so fun !!!! i liked it. And i washed all of the parts .... i was a smoker and now i dont smoke anymore so .... fan was like yellow with the dust and the thing on it. i washed all of the parts and the tower, i tried to give a little bit of paint on it but there nothing i can do on that tonight, i need better black paint and red for the inside... i found my hard drive. i found a video card. i got all of my parts im gonna go this week at the store i need to buy stuff!!!!!! so im finishing with those picture, see ya tomorow!!!!
  8. Here the First picture , THat the Tower that i will broke and use to make my MOD. I kno its an old one, but when i will finish with that, its gonna be a ultimate mod There only 1 thing 1 problem atm is i dont have any hard drive, i need a old hard drive I have plenty of time anyway to find one at computer store used one of course Im still tinking at a name, me and my girlfriend will decide it soon. So No-Name again,because my idea will change a bit, And im not even sure if my Power supply is still working DUH!!!! So here the first picture of the body And im not sure witch part i wil use Intel or Amd motherboard. anyway i have plenty of choice
  9. Hi all!!!! Like i promise, here i go on the competion of moddig my tower i have so much idea so this is my First post of my Ultimate Mod, i will post futur information here on my idea and all. THank for the approvation and welcome to all who subscribe!!!!! I vote for CM
  10. He hi all.. is there anything i didnt done or completed? because im still waiting for an approvation for the case mooding competiton Thank a lot in advance already
  11. well, dont worry about paint, i will have plenty of time to do it..... winter is almost gone here so barbebleu is on the road of wining!!!! my gf will also help me on something SHES WITH ME!!!! lol
  12. very very very very, good job man,,, i like all the stuff, i will keep an idea from you for mine that i will start this week probably i dont have a garage or any place to paint, here is so cool outside so i canot paint anything outside atm but,,,, that for fun to do it
  13. i have put myself in the competition, im still tinking at something who will beat the first price be carefull,, Barbebleu is ont he road of wininn!!!!
  14. hi, it have to be tight yeah, no separate btween cooler and cpu, it have to be really tight, otherwise you will not get the performance that you will expect