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  1. Quick question. I have a DFI LanParty SLI-DR Motherboard and a CM Stacker. The stacker's front panel for the power led has two connectors, a green cable, and a white cable. The LanParty mobo has 3 connections for Power LEDs... the 2 pin is for +, the 4 pin is for +, and the 6 pin is for - (standby). Anyone know which connection from the stacker front panel goes into which pin? Green goes to ? White goes to ? I got all the other front panel accessories working...
  2. I recently bought a cm stacker to replace an older and smaller chassis. The case is great, except for the MB/PCI back assembly. No matter what I do, the PCI cards (and PCI-X graphics card) do not properly seat down all the way. It's as if the PCI casing for the cards inside the stacker case is millimeters too tall. The rear of the cards sit down fine, but I know that the fronts are lifting up a bit. It is especially noticeable on the Creative soundcard, small bits of gold contact points creep up towards the middle of the card. I do not want to use the cards half-seated. The system DOES boot up with the cards seated the way they are currently, the cards do not seem to be causing problems (again, we're talking millimeters here), but I know they're not down all the way. Can someone please help? I saw the post about the PCI brackets from other users, but it seems that was because the DUAL DVI graphics cards people had did not fit in the slots. I have a dual DVI graphics card, and mine fits (the screws on the outside do not contact the PCI brackets). It's just this other problem, poorly seated cards. Thanks.