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  1. have you tested your ccfl's? I heard that you have problems (no light or less light) if you extend the leads of the ccfl's.
  2. hot air always goes up, so normaly is would be cooler at the bottom of the case. But if you have a decent airflow I don't think you will notice a difference in the temps.
  3. ok, I got the message wrong. I think I was still a little bit sleepy ...
  4. Sorry for the bad quality, toke them with my Qtek with in bad light.
  5. I'm using 120mm blueled Coolermaster fan's. They are not very noisy and they cool very good. You can see the effect in my sig.
  6. if you look real close to the black pin's that hold the fan you will see that the head has 2 parts (different size in diameter). When you but a knife between 2 parts of then you move the knife a little the top part will pop up a few millimeters. You can then pull the first part out and after that the second part. Your fan is lose now. When the fan is changed, you work the opposite way to secure the fan again.
  7. It was no problem in my Stacker so I guess it will be the same for your case.
  8. Nice mod. A little tip: remove the 3 metal plates at the front of the HD cage. You will have a better airflow.
  9. I think the 2 120 mm are a better option then the Crossflow. The Crossflow doesn't help much and is very noisy at the highest level.
  10. DyNaRaX

    Aquagate install

    I would like to install my Aquagate but I have some questions. When you read the manual they advise to install it directly onto the processor and motherboard and then fill it up with the coolant. I think this way of working is a little bit dangerous, if there is a leak my system could get killed. I was thinking to connect the tubes to the cpu block and the Aquagate, install the pci card and all the other connections and then leave the cpu block at the bottom of my case. This way I can check everything for leaks for a few days and then install it onto the mobo. What do you guys think? It is safe to connect the cpu block to the mobo when there is still coolant in the wc system? It the first time I install a WC setup.
  11. I have the normal Stacker, the audio cable has 3 connectors, AC97, Intel and one I don't remember I guess the 830 will use the same cable
  12. I just recieved my crossflow fan from CM The Netherlands. I won the CM giveaway in September and finaly it arrived. But when trying to install it didn't move. After some inspection I found that the plastic holder at the motor is broken and it seems that one of the electic wires in the fan is broken also. Damn
  13. What is the best way to clean the plexi side panel without making little scratches?