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    Disable Alarm Beep

    The alarm is coming from two sorces: The Cpu Temp The Resoivors Temp Alarms will sound: Your temp sensor isn't pluged into the pci board. Your Resoivors temp is too high, which directly means your cpu is getting to hot. With an 80mm radiator on the Aquagate, it does not have the capibilities to dispate enough heat if you overclock your processor. You can add an additional radiator would help cool much better, if you have constant problems with overheating. I hope that helps,
  2. On when i turn on computer on and off, aka the unit turns itself on and off. You should probably check your power connections! I have my computer turn on and the aquagate not, a very bad thing. The water started to boil!
  3. If you are going to overslock your processor any good amount, I don't think the Aquagate will be able to cool the cpu, with the extra friction from the memory. it is only a 80mm rad on it.
  4. Add a 60mm at the end of the Aquagate, and let me know the temps. I added one to each of mine and saw a noticeable difference, maybe it will allow your 80mm rad to cool just a bit better with the extra rad. Nice work!
  5. start by putting a 60mm on the rear of the aquagate, though it will be much louder it will cool it down by almost 2 C (in the tank) Also see if you can blow cold air on it. In the winter I open my window up and blow cold air on the rads with a regular house fan, works wonders! :) now a certain company came out with 80mm duct work, that can help get colder air on your rads.
  6. If anyone wants to lower the temps on their aquagate just add a 60mm high cfm fan to the rear and you will definately see a difference! Though 60mm fans are loud, but it took my 33 C Tank temperature down below 30 C. Haven't really cared enough to do a whole LD on the difference, but it is definately worth the $10. Bought: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.a ... 6835119021
  7. You can buy up to a Kilowatt of power now if you really need!
  8. I have a new one laying around my room, I bought it on ebay for and ending up never using it. I can get a picture on tonight of it if you are interested. Shipping from me to the UK is $22 If you will give me $40 it is a deal. I will setup a eBay auction so you can just paypal me! Atlanta, GA 30332 USA
  9. There are a couple of screws holding the faceplate on (they are small black screws) Then you will have to pry it off. It has 6 barbs of plastic that lock onto the case, you will need to compress them and push each out. At least enough until you can just pull the rest of the faceplate off.
  10. I was wondering if I would be able to get another HD cage for the 541 complete wither rails? Please let me know if I can purchase this from CM? Thanks,
  11. This is a HOT little case! I love the C5s and this is just a little version of it! Highly recommened for anyone who wants a micro-atx case! What are you doing to it Zerospace???
  12. I was also unsuccessful in finding anything on CM's website that says which heatsinks are compatable oh well, I guess I will just wait and see...
  13. Bought a Vortex Dream (ACC-U72) http://www.coolermaster.com/index.php?LT=english&Language_s=2&url_place=product&p_serial=ACC-U72&other_title=+ACC-U72+Vortex%20Dream I hope this works...
  14. I just recieved my RC-541 for my file server, modified it enough to support the amount of HDs I need, but... What heatsink will work with the "Chasis Air Guide" I am thinking the Ultra Vortex, but there might be a better choice I have a mico-ATX socket 478 Thanks, One more thing, will a full ATX PSU work? Don't have an extra to check, but want the PSU exhaust fan though....