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  1. Thanks a lot for the replies guys... think I'll borrow my friends 550w PSU and see what difference that makes. I'd like to test it with a multimeter though, but could someone outline EXACTLY how this is done please? Never done it before... well that's some relief (I think)... software sensors aren't reliable but like you say, the sound the fans are making do say that something is wrong
  2. Hi all - new here, hoping for access to the combined wisdom My current system is in the sig, nothing overclocked, modded or anything like that. I got this PSU as the DFI manual said '400W at least!'... but when I check the voltage readings on my system they seem to fall outisde of the suggested ranges - [robot5x@domu ~]$ sensors it8712-isa-0290 Adapter: ISA adapter VCore 1: +0.98 V (min = +1.42 V, max = +1.57 V) ALARM VCore 2: +1.62 V (min = +2.40 V, max = +2.61 V) ALARM +3.3V: +6.46 V (min = +3.14 V, max = +3.46 V) ALARM +5V: +4.92 V (min = +4.76 V, max = +5.24 V) +12V: +11.39 V (min = +11.39 V, max = +12.61 V) ALARM -12V: -16.07 V (min = -12.63 V, max = -11.41 V) ALARM -5V: -2.35 V (min = -5.26 V, max = -4.77 V) ALARM Stdby: +4.89 V (min = +4.76 V, max = +5.24 V) VBat: +3.01 V fan1: 3183 RPM (min = 0 RPM, div = fan2: 5273 RPM (min = 664 RPM, div = fan3: 0 RPM (min = 664 RPM, div = M/B Temp: +35°C (low = +15°C, high = +40°C) sensor = diode CPU Temp: +33°C (low = +15°C, high = +45°C) sensor = thermistor Temp3: +29°C (low = +15°C, high = +45°C) sensor = thermistor Since I have limited knowledge of hardware (especially power supply stuff) this doesn't mean much to me, but obviously some of the voltages are 'out' and ALARM is printed next to them.... I haven't experienced any problems so far - no instability or rebooting or anything, so just wondered if someone could give me an indication if things seem alright or if I should go for even more power.... thanks a lot (ps. if I start a 3d app I can hear some fans whirring down as if they're struggling a bit, if I stop it they speed back up again. perhaps my gfx card is eating up too much power)