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  1. Note that it doesn't actually come with 9 fans, just that it's capable of housing them... I know I was just in shock how cool the case was. I was so close to buying the 730 case. REALLY HAPPY IM WAITNING.
  2. ... ial=RC-830 I WANT ONE NOW. The thing has 9 fans. THAT CAN COOL A JET ENGINE. I stopped my build for this case. and for ATI crossfire. Im hoping this thing lives up to what it says it can do.
  3. here is the height of the heatsink im considering. Because the hyper6+ doesnt fit. its 145.5mm in height and 100 something in with i think. the CM hyper6+ is 150mm, the other one has about 4mm of space is that fine or is that way to close. And with something that high can i add the side vent Fans??
  4. ??? Your right CM could adjust the 730 cases and wave masters mobo trays so that this thing could fit. Like you said they should make it a few cms. smaller with a 92mm fan instead of a 100mm fan that shoud help in shorting the heatsink by having it fit for a smaller fan but still keeping the airflow at an all time high.
  5. Any Pics to show this problem with the screws by chance. Also has anyone mounted it on an AMD platform yet. Maybe the mounting depth is a little different. But then again the 939 CPU brackey is abit high who knows it might work. I really would like to get this CPU cooler but the fear that im going to spend some cash an then it doesnt fit. Also what about using a metal sander to take some thickness off the door. Or having the chasis door pulled a little outward.
  6. Im new but what if the thickness of the Mobo had somthing to contribute. I know its dumb but its an idea. And im really dont what a glass side panel i would like to keep the cool aluminum look on every side. Also has the company though of just filing down the coper pipe lines then reattching the aluminum fins?? I thats eve possible. but its another noob idea.
  7. That was actually before we found out the window panel works. I was 2 days away from buying the hyper 6. Thats 40 something bucks that would not fit. What about people who want the full aluminum side panel is ther anything they can do??? I was going to post a new tread to see if it fit on my mobo and uhh i had no idea that it wont fit in such and incredilbe case. ... otherboard I think im going to cry LOL. But that to bad that it doesnt fit in the 730 i was really looking forward to purchasing a full CM cooling computer. LOL i was getting th case, the CPU fan, The VGA, The HDD, and the other fans from CM because I was told they where the best. LOL even my PSU was going to be a CM. but now im off looking for another CPU cooler that can cool just aswell as the Hyper 6. LOL which is going to be hard.
  8. I have seen incredible reviews. But i just wanted to know if this power supply had anything to look out for. I have seen 3dgameman's video reviews. Plus how much air does this thing suck in.
  9. I love how this case looks really I do so much that I complete left antec's P-180 out of the picture. LOL even the PSU is coolermaster. But i was wondering About the Black 730 does this thing get dirty fast. See im trying to make a choice in either sliver or black. The sliver looks amazing but the black looks so cool to. The only thing is the black one is an extra 13 bucks I dont have. I found the Silver one for a 140 with free shipping but they dont sell the black one. Any way I was wondering if you could tell me Where to find it for a 140 with shipping. Also please post Pics of the 730 of both Black or Silver. LOL i know the Main website has it but i just wanted to see it in more detail. Thank you all for your time.
  10. Personally, I'd say leave the top ports for now and see how your system temperatures are, if you think it needs extra cooling switch it for a fan. Im blinder than a bat i did not read that LOL. yeah i guess ill se what temps i get. Im gett the case this month very excited to see it.
  11. Hey can you use the CM stacker 300mm fan in a 730 case with out horrible moding like velcro the fan to the case facing the MOBO or its just to darn big.
  12. ohhh thx should i remove the I/O for the top out.
  13. Im considering getting the 730 and i was wondering, how do you use the side vent as. do u use it as an intake fan area or exhaust fan???? Also is it worth taking out the top I/O and installing the fan there to.
  14. Why does he have two fan over the same vent area???