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  1. I posted in the cracked aquagate waterblock thread and sent an email to customer support about this and havent received any reply. Its been over two weeks and i'm stuck with 2 expensive paperweights that resemble a cracked aquatrident and fried videocard. Can somebody please help? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I sent a request for support to coolermaster 2 weeks ago and never received a reply yet. This is getting kind of frustrating.
  3. I sent an email to customer support yesterday so I hope this can get taken care of soon. For now I'm stuck with my old system and it's so damn slow. The silver lining is that I'll be away on business from this friday for two weeks so I won't need it untill I get back. Still sucks though. No Battlefield 2 for awhile.
  4. Upon further inspection of the AquaTrident with a brighter flashlight, I found MULTIPLE CRACKS all around the middle fitting in addition to the two on the right hand side. I apologise for the fuzziness of the pic, its a crappy camera. I circled where the cracks are in red.
  5. Man, this just happened to me last night!! I bought the aquagate a month ago and also had to purchase an AquaTrident to use with my lga 775 cpu. Installation went easy, I followed all directions and even leak tested for 5 days before full install. No problems untill last night when I came home and noticed my display was garbled (looked like the video card was set on 16 colors), so I hit the reset button on my system and every time winxp boots up it would bring the Blue Screen Of Death. So I opened the case to have a closer look without the plexi window in the way, and saw drips of the coolant dripping off the video card. lucky that was the only thing that got fried and not the mobo. I then proceeded to look at the AquaTrident and saw not 1, BUT 2 cracks. one is on the right hand side in the middle and the other is located right underneath the middle fitting. Now I know I didn't do anything wrong, I don't even overclock my system so I don't know how this happened. I will send this info to the customer support and se if I can get this resolved because I really do like CM products and reccomend them to all of my friends. I just hope I'm not out a video card and waterblock . PS, I will have pictures later today