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  1. The HAF stacker continues!!! Thanks to new sponsor Lamptron I've got now two beautiful CW611 controllers This will look great in this build. SPECS: Dimension: 5.25″ Bay LCD Dimensions: 118mm*31mm Power Output: Up to 36 watts per channel Control Channel: 6 Channels (All usable in pump, flow meter or fan control mode) Panel Color Available: Black Anodyzed / Silver DC Input: +12v (Standard 4 Pin Molex / “D†Connector) DC Output: 0V- 12V DC Connectors: 6 X 2510-3pin connectors Recommend PSU wattage: 550w or higher Which will be placed like this At a angle on both sides. Other side too After some puzzling with the cables: And placed the PSU back again After this I could start with the sides and backpanels. Adjusted and used the original covers for this. Front cover also back on. Time for some power.
  2. Today we continue to add some more colors, and a tricky part ... Tighten the acrylic tubes. Update!!! Back to the sides. Regarding a wrong size radgrills from a previous build I still had some CNC milled radgrills. perfect and come in very handy. Cant say this enough ... Never throw away stuff I placed them behind the fanholes and mounted the radiators on it. After some thinking regarding the colors, I decided to combine these colors. Red and white Cooler Master's JetFlo Little bit darker Really great fans!! But will have to dim the airflow lol, now they almost blow the sides away Luckily I received last Friday the black vinyl, so the right side is also finished. Once both sides installed it looks pretty big now And turned the fans on again... enjoying the colors So did some thinking about the colors for the loops and going to let it flow just like the fans, outside red, inside white. In front of the SSDs, the reservoirs... like this: Placed the inlets horizonta and parallel to the reservoirs and just like the other tubes. Now the challenge. The acrylic tubes that all placed horizontally will need be tighten to something to continue connecting it. So after some brainstorming, I've made a piece of aluminum ​​with holes for tyraps and tighten the 4 tubes from the RAMs. And for the two tubes of the CPU I have cut an acrylic plate and also cut two holes in it. Placed a female EKWB HD adapter and a compression fitting. Unfortunately out of sight, but looks quite nice like this. For the two top connections I have made a similar plate. Measuring, drilling, sawing and filing, but I got them all right finally, and as solid as a rock. Next week more!!!
  3. Update!!! We go on with the EKWB box For this build I will use Acetal blocks. First the CPU block.... A EK-Supremacy And two beautiful RAM blocks, the EK-RAM Monarch X2 Will be placed like this As you can see I'm going to use the 90 ° and 45 ° black EK-CSQ adapters this time. The RAM blocks with adapters: The EK-CSQ 90° adapters: And the EK-CSQ 45° adapters: Also in this build I will use the EK-HD Adapter 10/12mm for the Acrylic tubes Female version: EK-HD Adapter Female 10/12mm Out of sight, I'll use flex tube with the EK-CSQ Fittingen Which then results in a picture like this: And yes ... a new motherboard. The ASUS Maximus Formula VI Thank you ASUS for providing this beautiful motherboard The motherboard With backplate Installed As for the GPUs, I'm going to use 2x ASUS GTX780 DCII On this two great waterblocks, the EK-FC780 GTX DCII Installed onto the GPUs With backplate Time to install both sides Unfortunately don't have enough matte black vinyl for the right cover, so can't finish this one yet. I did make a cover for reservoirs with black gloss vinyl. Further more made covers for the Mobo tray, sides and the top. Beneath the angled tray of the mobo I have a nice space for SSDs. So I cut a plate, made it black again and mounted the SSDs Just don't know yet whether I will place it in an angled or straight position. Placed the reservoirs again. Cut the top plate cut and made it black also + A cover for the mobo tray with the size of the mobo cut out Installed it Placed the GPUs More next week
  4. Update!!! All the beautiful products have come in the past few weeks for this build. Therefore a major update with everything. There will be 2 updates this weekend, because it's a lot First, there was a nice package from Cooler Master Including pretty amazing fans: The newJetFlow's 120 Because I'm still not sure which color I'm going to use, I have requested three available colors JetFlow 120 white Some specs from these great fans: [*:1kcy6yof]LED Color: Dark (No LED) / Red / Blue / White [*:1kcy6yof]Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 25 mm / 4.7 x 4.7 x 1 inch [*:1kcy6yof]Fan Speed: 800-2000 RPM (PWM) ± 10%; w/ silent adapter: 1600/1200 RPM (fixed) [*:1kcy6yof]Air Flow: 95 CFM ± 10% [*:1kcy6yof]Air Pressure: 2.72 mmH2O ± 10% [*:1kcy6yof]Life Expectancy 160,000 hrs [*:1kcy6yof]Noise Level: 19 dBA (1200 RPM with included silent mode adapter) [*:1kcy6yof]28 dBA (1600 RPM with included silent mode adapter) [*:1kcy6yof]12-36 dBA (PWM) [*:1kcy6yof]Bearing Type POM Bearing - CM 4th Gen. bearing (*POM: Polyoxymethelene) [*:1kcy6yof]Connector: 4-Pin (PWM) [*:1kcy6yof]Voltage: 12 VDC [*:1kcy6yof]Current: 0.4A [*:1kcy6yof]Power Consumption: 4.8W Shock-absorbing feet Also in red And without LED, all black Comes with 2 adapters: 1 for 1600 RPM (28 dBA) and 1 for 1200 RPM (19 dBA) Power on More about the Cooler Master box later Also EKWB is helping me with this build, so also a nice EKWB box: With lots of lovely products First, I have requested two beautiful radiators : De EK-CoolStream RAD XT (480) Looks very good with the new Cooler Master JetFlow's This set will be placed on both sides of the HAF Stacker, like this: For this my good friend Pascal and I made 2 beautiful covers: With nice looking bevel edges Thanks Pascal van Veen, another piece of art man. For this cover I first pasted a layer of white vinyl and then black. EKWB radiator behind it with the JetFlow's Also, I requested two beautiful reservoirs. The EK-RES X3 400 With mounting material And two extra multiport tops to try some things. Which will be placed like this Before the update is getting too big, I'll be posting the rest tomorrow. But one more thing ... I received a very nice tool from Mnpctech For my favorite tubing De Reamer A very nice tool to use internally and externally too deburr and ream edges More tomorrow!!!!!
  5. Update!!! First some pictures from the two parts I have received also... The 915F where the PSU is mounted at the front The 915R is for the PSU at the back And some pictures outside Time to stack all 915R placed beneath 915F on top Pretty BIG!!! Time for some modding I think. This time a little different kind of modding. I rotated the case, so it becoming a kind of ghetto blaster. I have slightly modified the connection strips so it become all the same on both sides. and removed the unnecessary stuff... maybe placed back later. Looks nice all ready Placed the original modo tray back under a small angle Did some cutouts on both sides Removed some steel from the top And placed the tray again There will be other hardware but this is for measurments. Placed some acrylic underneath the motherboard tray for mounting some great products....But more on this later. Thanks for your attention
  6. Hi my fellow modders, Think you have heard of this new case(s) from Cooler Master: The HAF Stacker This combines the HAF and the Stacker series and has a nice and new concept: modular cases The case is designed so that can be used to create different configurations. The various housings combined with each other This time I will use all 3 parts to build a case that is somewhat larger than normal. I will also make use of the fact that there is a great competition going on. Presented by ..... Cooler Master. Because they have again the confidence in me to work with this brand new case, I will try to do a Cooler Master casemod competition theme. This will include logos, shapes, little advertising and some updates on this event. I will NOT participate this year because of the sponsored case;) So if you like to win beautiful prizes...Come on and participate!!! How it all began: Sometimes I have a lot of respect for the postal guys. The 3 packages Larger then my son Unboxing. These are the different modular cases: Once stacked ... BIG First some detail shots. The 925: Inside: More parts soon!!!
  7. Update!!! Cut all the tubes to the right size and connected them ... and time to fill with pastel red liquid. First filled the loop from the Eisberg set. Because the Eisberg radiator is on the same level as the fill port, I placed a 90 degrees fitting into the fill port and placed a valve. The GPU has his own loop. Pump -> RAD -> GPU -> RES Made the lower midplate red, which now looks like it has red liquid on it And I have made a piece of acrylic to support the GPU RAIDR :) love it The guys from Parvum systems made 2 ROG logos for me. Only needed to place the red and white acrylic behind it. LEDs lower part on. Made some light ​​behind the logo. Red distorted a bit in the picture, but is really red Again the sidepanel with XL window. Placed the other ROG logo on the inside. Offcourse some light behind it. And some last pictures. The case finished. Time to bring it to Cooler Master NL. Going for a long trip to Taiwan Special thanks for this build goes to: - ASUS HQ - Sven ASUS Benelux - Nick Cooler Master - Raymen Cooler Master - Gert Cooler Master - Marco Cooler Master ( Good luck with your new job ) - And the guys from Cooler Master for the proper care of the packing and shipping of the build. Grtz.
  8. Update!!! First we check And's modding time Because I didn't had much time to make this build, I have used some ideas (and pictures) from my previous Cosmos II build. Similarly, the side cover, Cut a aluminum plate and bent it. And made an aluminum strip for the LED strip and for mounting the acrylic midplate For the 5.25 bayside I've cut another 3mm acrylic piece Black color on it. In the lower cover I've cut 4x 120mm holes and covered it with glossy black vinyl Again I used the same cutouts as the original of the Cosmos II for the front and top But this time I used a piece of 5mm clear acrylic And also a piece of black glossy acrylic Placed a red SMD LED strip around the side of the 5mm transparent acrylic. On this I placed the black piece to get a nice effect. Btw. the sliding panel has again a layer of carbon vinyl. Did the same for the top cover. Installed the Eisberg 240 rad on the inside with the Cooler Master Xflow fans mounted on top. And here it is. And we go inside again. I have cut another piece 5mm acrylic for the midplate. This is mounted on the aluminum strip and again with a red strip SMD. What gives a nice effect. Placed it. And made a 2nd layer underneath the top midplate, also with a LED strip In order to fill the whole case a bit, I'm gonna use a MCP350 pump with a EKWB 2x res + top. Installed the hardware for positioning, cut out the shape of the pump from the top midplate. Ofcourse all will connected again with 12/10mm solid tubes. Btw. the reservoir under the GPU is just for support ... GPU with waterblock is pretty heavy Also connected the Eisberg with the solid tubes. For the fillport of Eisberg I let it run to the middle (behind) of the other reservoirs and let it go up. On top I've made a fillport with a valve. The GPU out goes to the reservoir The whole picture Finally I have made 2 res holders to keep everything in place. Also mounted on a piece of acrylic which is also closing the 5.25 bay. Again a LED strip on top for a nice effect. That's it for now
  9. Hi my fellow modders, I would like to share with you what I have made for ASUS and Cooler Master. Assignment was for Computex. Maybe you already seen some pictures on Facebook but here is the buildlog with a whole lot of pictures Not sponsored but provided by: Early April I received an email from Cooler Master, if I was interested in making a casemod for Computex. After some email traffic it became clear that the deadline was the 2nd week of May .... wow I also heard that it should be done with a new type of motherboard from ASUS, so I could not refuse. So this will be a great challenge with this kind of deadline. What's gonna be in this build: We've decided that i'm gonna use a Cooler Master Cosmos II again. Normally I never mod two of the same cases, but for this build I would like to make an exception. The Cooler Master Cosmos II For the cooling CPU and mobo I picked out a beautiful Prestige Cooler Master Eisberg 240L Unpack Beautiful pump and block 240 rad with G1 / 4 connections Accessories for every conceivable sockets etc. Really nice set I think. For the fans I've chosen the XtraFlo 120 Red LED fans Everything is powered by a Cooler Master V series 1000W Then it was time for the ASUS products it's always nice to receive packages ... especially if it is not in the store yet. From ASUS I've got the Republic Of Gamers Raidr 240GB SSD And a Asus GTX680-DC2-4GD5 with EKWB waterblock Some nice Corsair Dominator GT CMGTX7 RAMs And then came the new motherboard, the....ASUS Maximus VI Formula CPU will be the Intel Core i7 4770K Very nice!!! Next update the real modding begins
  10. The final pictures of the Coolermaster Cosmos II MbK Hope you like it!!!
  11. This will become 1 of the last Cosmos updates my friendly followers. Just one more to go, the final photoshoot. The Cosmos is as good as finished now, the last small things in this last update. The white front I covered with black film, which looks better then the white acrylic. But with some white lines still visible. All side panels opened and the big, big Cosmos exhibited A great modular power supply, the Cooler Master Hybrid 1050W Enough connections And enough space left, which comes in handy for the excess length of the cables Some cable management Side cover is placed with the HDDs Because it was too dark inside, I have placed a single CCFL in a custom bracket that I have bolted to the 360 ​​rad using the existing holes. Now was to bright, so I made it ​​softer with a small piece of white paper. Finalized the sleeved cables, a little tightening etc. Total shot of the PCI-e SATA 24pins and sats And the internal end result And my favorite picture Next update....Final photoshoot
  12. I spent some time to the front, and changed the plan to put the usb and other stuff into the front regarding the looks and the space behind the panel. I think this looks better now without the, usb stuff and without the touch buttons from the Aquaero. These doesn't look good and do not work properly in my opinion So i've cut 3 pieces of 3mm acrylic. The first one looks like this And two of them like this. One of them with a smaller recess for the display Everything put together The touch buttons I do not need because I can set everything with the remote control. And once set I usually do nothing more with it, just look at the temps. The remote has a good range like this, so it's okay Placed in the Cosmos Power on I doubt whether I'm going to put black or carbon on the acrylic. The wurst thing happened to me .... lost the flat cable connecting the PCB push button and the controller. In the beginning I was thinking that I must put the flatcable somewhere save before I lose it. So I've lost it . Fortunately there was Ruud from Coolermaster, who still has parts of the Cosmos Cooler Master Europe Store for all your spare parts Ruud... thanks man! And everything is online again Inverse color display is a nice thing slide panel closed again, nothing to see anymore Cable management is still a big mess, but this is how I placed the controller This will become more organised ​​ Drilled a hole for the switches and HDD LED And I have cut a 3mm black piece of acrylic to make a cover for the side bay, I don't like holes and slots So this will disappear. Made a second layer and cut out the form of the CM push buttons. Placed the first layer back Second layer on top Past some black film on the second layer And the result Nice, tight and the good color. I also been busy with the XL window for the Cosmos. What appeared to be quite a challenge because lots of plastic and little space The acrylic window I've made ​​1cm larger as the existing hole. Need to put more pressure on the edges , but this is how it becomes For pasting the metal cover back on the plastic, I used contact adhesive. This is because I don't have to much space for double sided tape, and it just needs to be good. Placed everywhere clamps and other stuff, which will stay on for a night. And need to make the inside a bit nicer. Ofcourse after installing the window wanted to see how it looks. And also have been playing with the enlightened midplate for some nightshots. I'm also thinking to put some lights in the midsection or top. That's it for now...Grtz.