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  1. Hi people, ok first off i have some acrylic coming and i am hereby hoping that anyone could advise me on drilling a blowhole and cutting the stackers aluminium panel. i have the correct 89mm sized hole saw - hope this is right - but i am unsure as to what RPM the dril needs to be spinning at in order for it to not melt the acrylic as its 3mm thick. also any tips on removing a 400mm x 400mm square of the stackers side panel would be greatly appreciated.
  2. with either great pleasure or very burnt silicone sadness
  3. also at the moment even with the poor 512 ram and the opty running at 1.89ghz its scoring 7000 to 7300 in 3d mark 2005 depending on heat which is usualluy at 30C max for cpu
  4. Death_Korps


    could use one of them to have two or 3 120 mm fans in the front without having to buy those drive bay things. would improve airflow
  5. o well i have a 7800gt and the opty at the present and that can handle Far Cry ay 1024x760 at maximum graphics settings with shader model 3.0 and HDR on at usually 35 = frames and that was with the opty at 1.9ghz and 512 pc2700 , so i am hoping that the new 4gig of pc3200 and the opty at 2.6 it would be in the 40+ range
  6. well actually mindless i meant drop the page file to 256mb instead of whatever it is, i assume it goes up in size ammounts equal to ram. other than that i have decided that i am not going to spend mass amounts on my pc at the moment due to a possible country hop in the near future therefore that would make spending masses now pointless. however with 2x 7800 gt's in sli and 4 gig of ddr 400 ram with my opty at 2.6ghz (fx 55 speed and with the same core ) it would be plenty fast for the near future wouldnt it?
  7. hmmm, how about if i just dropped it to a smaller ammount like 256mb? would this be a good trade off?
  8. well im getting 4 gigs but in two seperate purchases, so i think ill leave it on until i get the full 4. performance increase / decrease noticable?
  9. so should i turn it off like mindless says or leave it on ?
  10. Death_Korps

    CM 4-in-3 Modules

    to remove the fan u need to take the noise dampening sides off and then use a small screw driver head to push out the little clips on the plastic lugs, is this ok?
  11. Also not trying to be cheeky here but could you explain what this whole "delete the pagefile" business is about, im a n00b when it comes to this sort of stuff
  12. nice pc specs there buddy, cheers for the ram links looks interesting although i am only going for an oc of2.6ghz to get to fx 55 speeds on my opty 144 so. i was considering 2x2gig dual channel G.Skill kits see my thread for this in the overclocking section but yea thanks again.. o forgot to mention i am a real n0000b at ocing so
  13. damn man who the :) could afford that?