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  1. Still too high, apparently. I just installed the new GPU cooler, and it's like on top of half the chipset cooling unit. WILL need a replacement from ASUS. I am getting nowhere with the e-mail I sent them, could you give me the tech supporters e-mail you sent to? Tech-Daddy, I plead you
  2. I should have new GPU cooling units by tomorrow.
  3. I've e-mailed the American branch of ASUS now.
  4. I tried going directly to ASUS, but the tech formulae required some kind of order #. :S
  5. I've just placed an order for this cooling unit: For my GPU's, perhabs that'll free up the required space!
  6. It's a forum, I don't think there's a difference.. Might be wrong of course.
  7. 1) hsf? and the one you linked me to is also too tall.. we are talking ______ ______ about that high is possible.. I think a fan is nescessary. But many people have reported this problem with the stock fan! And with my current GPU's it's impossible to fit almost anything in there, if only I'd gone GT instead of Ultra.
  8. naw, it won't fit. My zalmann won't even fit, unless I saw part of it of. Any other suggestions?
  9. As you can see I've removed the other GPU, if I didn't do that I couldn't prick the chipset cooler without touching every component on the GPU, and I wouldn't do that while it's running. Anyway, the cooler is very tight fitting with the chipset cooler, and actually covers the corner slightly, as you can see. The reason I was considering the blue orb is because it seems to be slightly tilted to one side when it's mounted.
  10. That's not quite the issue. Here's a picture of two SLI'ed PoV Ultra's And here's a picture of an asus a8n SLI deluxe mobo: Another pic; I hope you can appreciate my concerns now!
  11. You sure it'll fit? It looks very, very tall.. but maybe that's just the picture..
  12. Hi guys, I'm new here, and I joined the forum because I didn't want to be pestering tech support So I'll pester you blokes instead. :> Anyways, here goes.. I've had some problems with the stock chipset cooler, I bought my Mobo in the U.K, and living in Denmark they've apparently decided to ignore my requests for a replacement. SO I decided to find something better. The problem with the chipset fan is that it'll slow down in RPM, and start making serious noise. It's fixed if I prick it with a finger, or just stop the fan and let it run up again. It's very annoying though, and I'd like a more permanent solution. I bought a Zalmann passive cooler, but some people have reported the temperature software of reporting incorrectly, so I'd rather not try some flashy passive cooling only to have my chipset burst into flames, if you get my meaning. SO I've been looking at the Blue Ice II (RT-UCL-L4U1) coolermaster chipset fan, but I am a bit worried if it'll fit inside my case. I've got two Geforce 6800 Ultra's from PoV, and as some of you might be aware, they're quite wide. Can anyone offer me any advice on this issue? It would be greatly appreciated. I apologize for any bad language, and/or poor grammar in advance, english is not my native language. Please help me out here, as I'm anxious to get my setup running smoothly once more.