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  1. I have tried with Q-Fan disabled and the fan still runs full out at 3400rpm. Currently I moved the fan to the power fan header which is a 3pin and the fan is now running at 1900rpm, much quieter and staying at about 40c/100f. Still does not make much sense since the pwm feature of the mobo should be controlling the fan speed correctly. I am running the latest bio on the mobo that is available ver1009. Thanks for the suggestion.
  2. I just installed a Hyper 6+ onto an ASUS P5GD2 Premium mobo with the intention of running a quieter, cooler setup than the stock Intel cooler that came with the P4 chip. Instead I have a fan running full out and making more racket than the stock setup. The fan is connected to the 4 pin header for the CPU fan on the mobo. I have enabled the Q-Fan feature in the BIOS to intelligently manage the fan speed based on the cpu temp. The CPU is running around 98deg fahrenheit and the mobo is at 96deg. The fan rpm is fluctuating between 3200 - 3400 rpm. This is too loud for me. The cpu is not overclocked, everything is running at BIOS defaults. I just want a stable, quiet, cool machine to work with. Any help is appreciated...