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  1. Yeah we had the same problems...want to know how I solved it....Sold the fan on EBAY..and bought a fan that actually fit from another company!
  2. Wow this thread has grown since I last posted! Dealing with CM was more a of a hassle than just ebaying it. CM support telling me they had fit a HYPER 6+ inside a wavemaster (like I'm the dumb one) was more of an aggrivation than anything. I left phone messages and emails, but couldn't wait weeks for a simple solution to the problem. I just went out and bought a product that was readily available and has been working fine ever since...I don't know about you guys, but I personally don't want that huge heatsink sitting 2mm +/- from the side of my case. Maybe I'm just in a bad mood because my Musketeer didn't fit properly inside my case either...well until I took a Dremel to the rails....I'm retiring from CM products I think. *rant over
  3. I ended up selling the 6+ fan on Ebay as a last resort....sux to be a cooler master user!
  4. I just installed the Hyper 6+ in my WaveMaster Case and it protrudes about 1/2" out the side panel! There should be a disclaimer that says this mofo won't even fit inside Cooler Master's own cases!
  5. Ok so now that I have mounted the Hyper 6+ it doesn't fit in my WaveMaster Case. It sticks out the about 1/2" too far! WTF! Anyone else have this prob?
  6. HEHe I saw that 2! We heated it and it came right off.
  7. I'm trying to mount the Hyper 6+ to a MSI K8N NEO2 PLATINUM Socket 939 NVIDIA nForce3 Ultra ATX AMD Motherboard but there is already a mounting plate on the back of the motherboard. Does anyone else have this combination? Can I use the plate already on the motherboard or do I have to remove it to mount the Hyper 6+ properly? Any help for this noob would be appreciated! Thank you in advance.