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  1. Mauzer

    Modded Stacker 830

    I like this new look on these cases from the black Stackers I like the blue one best, but from the first link the Crossfire edition looks best imo.
  2. Yeah, I like it. Very original.
  3. Wow didn't see that one before. It looks very funky. That would look very nice when i get a new rig Ah didn't see it cause it isn't on the Dutch CM site yet.
  4. Works pretty good that iris. I see it still needs some work, but I have no doubt it will be very nice after you finish it
  5. This is gonna be an interesting case. Looking forward to the results.
  6. Very nice concept. Love to see the results of this when it's finished
  7. Looks very nice that mouse. Good work.
  8. Can't see the image of the display very good, but you fited it in very niely
  9. Ripped mine out aswell. There's already a little speaker on me mobo, so I have no need for it.
  10. Yarr, that display looks very nice
  11. I actually thought you were done with this case. Looking forward to seeing the results of these new mods Good luck at the championships
  12. Good looking case. The UV paint works very well with it. That top fan you added looks quite nice and so does your window mod i got a Cav 3 myself, so i always like to see it when ppl put some extra work in those kinda cases
  13. Mauzer

    WaveMaster II

    I hope that's supposed to say 120mm 20mm would be an interesting change Very sweet looking case Although I dont have watercooling myself, people that do will probably like this added.
  14. Nice looking case, that Centurion 534. Have not seen it before.