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  1. I'm yet to figure out how to do that. Can you describe?
  2. In my experience removing the front bezel makes no difference. The springs on the stealth doors are just too tight, and despite a long thread elsewhere about this problem, CM support still haven't come up with a solution.
  3. Hi Pion I removed the two side panels (that clip into the rubber grommets), then slid the device into the Centurion with only the rubber grommets holding it up. It was a little loose, so I put some foam on top and below the device to hold it in place. As long as you don't move your case around too much it'll hold nice and firm. Regards, gL
  4. Hi guys -- Check out my super-silent C530 build, just posted on Silent PC Review: ... 698#212698 Feedback welcome! Cheers, gL
  5. Hi kvoong825 Do you think you could e-mail me a photo/video of how you did this to Much appreciated!
  6. Hi - that would be awesome! Finally some light at the end of the tunnel Can't wait to see the pics/video, and I'll give it a try right away. Cheers, gL
  7. Hi You guys should read this article: (Especially pages 3 and 4) My reading is also ~100W, and that's very likely. You may think your PC should be drawing >200W where in reality that's unlikely. SPCR (the source of the article) also reviewed the Realpower 450, and found the HIC to "overrate" the actual power, so either way, you're probably drawing much less juice than you think. Cheers, gL
  8. Hi - an update :idea: I've been told by CM tech support that this is a known problem. I decided to swap the two stealth doors around on my case, feeling that the lower of the two was slightly looser. Lo and behold, it works now, albeit my drive ejects very slowly. I told tech support I suspect it's not the door, but the springs - they're wound too tight. They confirmed this is most likely the problem. Whether or not they'll offer a solution (replacement springs would be nice), remains to be seen. If any of you are technically inclined and think you could mod your own cases by loosening the spirngs on the stealth doors, that's your answer. Regards, gL
  9. Hi all, This is my first post to this forum. Has anyone found a solution for this yet? I put together my new PC with a Centurion 530 yesterday - an awesome case in every respect except I have the same problem with my DVD drive (Sony DRU-710A). I've seen this problem mentioned in several reviews of the case, but was told this was a pre-production model problem and that production cases would be fine. Any help would be much appreciated - you can also e-mail me on with suggestions. :idea: Thanks all!