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  1. Well, thats good info, but i was basically looking for this: The most powerful possible solvent that would not damage my copper heatsink or my cpu heat spreader and leave absolutly 0% Residue. I am hoping M.E.K. is the stuff, if anyone has heard of anything that meets that critera better pls reply. Thx, Brian
  2. Ok, i have always heard that 99% isopropyl alchohol was the best to use for cleaning used thermal compound off the base of heatsinks/processors. As i have been completely unable to find more than 90% pure (and have been told by people that do things where even the smallest amount of residue can ruin the project) that even 90% leaves a good amount of residue. I decided to visit a hardware store and ask for advice. I went to the solvent section and asked the first person I saw to find me the person in the store that knew the most about that type of product. When he came I told the guy I needed something that would: 1)Clean off silver thermal coumpound as good or better than 99% alcohol. 2) Not leave ANY reside to interfere with heat concuctivity and 3) Not be abrasive to the copper or processor heat spreader metal at all. He then recommeded Methyl Ethyl Ketone (M.E.K.), and said that even though it is a much more potent than alchohol (should not come in contact with skin) it would clean heatsink compound at least as good or better than 99% alcohol. I want to know before using this if anyone has any knowledge about this being good or bad when used for this purpose.
  3. Ok, this is kind of a perfectionist question about the optimal way to prepare a processor/heatsink for the thermal compound, if they have been used for a long time. Mainly i want to know what is the best cleaning solution and the best tool to apply it (I have always used cotton balls and the strongest % isopropyl alcholol i can find, 91%, sold at walgreens.) I have heard to use 99% alcohol but am open to suggestions on where to find it. Also, i have noticed that my pure copper heatsinks tend to tarnish over time, even on the base. Isopropyl alchohol does nothing to tarnish, so i have used Tarn-X in the past. I always use the tarn-x first then apply the alcohol. So, 1. Are regular cotton balls ok for applying my solutions? 2. Is it ok to be using tarn-x to remove tarnish? 3. Is 91% alcohol ok, should i be using 99%, or is there something superior(maybe found at a hardware store?) 3. If so where do i find 99% alcohol(or something better)? 5. Is there something that could clean as good as alcohol, plus remove the tarnish without leaving any residue?
  4. Yeah its a week into Sept and I still havn't seen this for sale anywhere... pls lemme know if anyone finds an eta. Thx, Brian
  5. Ok, any idea when this will be available in North America? I was planning on waiting on the Ultra Vortex to build a system but i might want this instead. Anyone know which will be out first, or have an ETA for the Hyper 48(KHC-L91-U1)? Also, what would be the advantages/disadvantages of this compared to the Ultra Vortex? Thx, Brian
  6. Anyone know when this product will be available in North America? It looks like a killer design for a CPU cooler... Thx! Brian