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  1. Well, i've updated my Stacker a bit... Placed the Mobo on the Left side, saver when i should have a leak at the waterblock. I had a leak, so I also need to buy a new GPU: ATI Sapphire X1950Pro 512Mb 265-bit DDR3 And I replaced the Aquagate from te front, to the back in the free PSU space. Can anyone help me how to reduce the noize and vibrations of the Aquagate (especialle the pump!)...? thx!
  2. Thxxx... I'm trying to find a Digital Cam, this pic was token with my Webcam... some patience pls :-D...
  3. hellow guys... I don't want to lose my guarantee on my Aquagate, and don't want to lose the air flow of the great FAN in it... So, I've add some LED's in it, on my way! :-D here's one pic...when I've more time to make some Pics I'll put them On-line... so there are only 4LED's added ....
  4. wooooowww, huge Radiator, double sided, intake and outtake? most of them are smaler, no?... nice!!
  5. is there something between te 4 120mm fans?... harddisks? or empty 4-in-3 devices?.... nice mod! is that a ATI9800?? i also want mine H²0 cooled, but, when i add the VGA waterblock, i didn't got any view on my monitor...
  6. if the door is vetelated enough, i don't see a problem, maybe some more noize of resistance from the door... maybe it would be even better, no dust in your radiator!... I haven't checked mine yet, but i think there will be a lot of it inside!!!
  7. this would be Awsome... The price will decrease... i guess... I'm having now a 74GB Raptor, a year ago it was also expensive! now is it double capacity... I like it... and it would be nice, if it would be possibe to better see the HDDs in a Case!! now i don't see them in my Stacker01 ...
  8. -_JonA_-

    CM Stacker - USB

    well, i've add 4 ports of them, 'cause my mobo has only 2 headers... but the maximum use, was 2... 'cause I don't like cablemanagement in front of my case!! only USB memory stick, and Digital fotocamera... and very often a joystick, of the SideWinder...
  9. Look I got a NEW thermal cable and now it WORKS!!! Rmember NOT to put the cable BETWEEN the CPU and the COOLING thingy...or else it will fry. It's the cable thats your problem LAcalo....Im sure! just what i said... :-D
  10. well I think it's the sensor who's out of order... I have the same problem with my Cooldrive4 sensors, 2 of them are already broken, 1 with damage and 1 without damage... but I don't have problems with my Aquagate! it works perfect!!...
  11. i would see the LED's ... but can't download the movie... ... I'm not good at electricity, but I also want to light up the buttom of my case... like some Neon, on a Tuned car :-D...
  12. it's a long time ago i've been here on this forum... but here I'm with a new update of my Stacker... ---> Aquagate, painted in black a the inside, LED-fans... I'll post more pics after my exams!! my VGA-waterblock isn't addapted yet... there were some probs when I addapted is, think because the tension of the hoses... need 90° barbs I think... does anybody know where I can find it in Belgium?...
  13. I saw him too yesterday on the hardware.info.days ... It 's damn cool case... but the price I heard... brrr... won't tell him.... you 'll faint...
  14. I've installed one immedeadly (how do you write? ) see here a picture: How's the performance afterward? the performance is pretty good... in idle (low power :-/) my P4 3.00Ghz has +-31° at fans speed 1... my Aquagate is now running for about max 1hour... does it say enough?...
  15. I don't have any idea... still have problems with the barbs of my GPU waterblock, zo I 'm not yet able to run it... hope it works fine... think it must, better airplow in the AG, at the front in, and at the back does the air come out...