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  1. Fireheart

    ATCS 840 Official Thread

    I'm curious about what is 'outdated' about it? Is it just that the front-panel doesn't have USB-3? Except, possibly, the lack of an 8th slot, there is nothing that the 840 lacks. It is pure beauty. Compared to this, the HAF is an ugly, bumpy, plastic monstrosity. Be Well! Fireheart
  2. Fireheart

    ATCS 840 Official Thread

    Has the 840 been discontinued? New Egg seems to indicate such. Be Well! Fireheart
  3. Fireheart

    Help i need more cooling

    You may get a better response regarding voltages, tweaks and such, on the ASUS forum, rather than here. You may wish to post a description of your fan set-up, either here, or on the Chassis, or Mods and Overclocks section of this forum. Airflow can have a significant effect on the cooler's ability to move heat. Be Well! Fireheart
  4. Fireheart

    Noctua NH-U12P SE

    No side fan on the 960. Be Well! Fireheart
  5. Fireheart

    Adding more HDDs than the HDD rack in Centurion 541?

    Something like This ... 6817994060 a 3-in-2 Internal, Hot-swapable Sata Backplane. You'd lose out on any CD drive, though. I believe similar units are available for PATA, as well. Be Well! Fireheart
  6. Fireheart

    Stacker 830/832 Transparent Side Panel

    Fine, shop here instead: Be Well! Fireheart
  7. Fireheart

    Triple Rad Mount Stacker 830

    Two places in the 830 that seem obvious for a Rad... The bottom, over the long vent there (although air direction for the fans may be a problem). Horizontally, over the CPU, in the fan bracket - or perhaps a new, sturdier, purpose crafted swinging bracket. Exhausting through the nicely vented side-panel. There's lots of options and Someone has tried every one of them, on these forums. Be Well! Fireheart
  8. Fireheart

    CS 1000 front door problem (x-fi platinum)

    Hey, that Does look nice! Congrats! Be Well! Fireheart
  9. Fireheart

    ATCS 840 Official Thread

    Ah! Sorry, Tonschk, but I have since discovered that CM is smarter than me - There is no need to drill holes, since the PCI Card retaining bracket is on the Back and not obscured by that pillar at all. I was trying to point that out with the picture in my last post. Sometimes, I just need to do more research, before I make an [censored] of myself. Be Well! Fireheart
  10. Fireheart

    ATCS 840 Official Thread

    There's no need to worry - the pictured case is NOT the ATCS 840. CM is smarter than that. Not easy to see, but the PCI card retention screws/bracket is on the Outside of the case. Yes, it's easiest to get to by sliding out the MB tray, but that's not Necessary in order to change a card. Don't over-react. Be Well! Fireheart
  11. Fireheart

    Project: ATCS 840

    Black is beautiful, CM! You know, it occurs to me that, if you had just one more Centimeter of width, you could put TWO 3x120 Rads in front of those 230s... Or... Dude, you could Totally stack 4x2x90 rads in that space and gang them together however you wanted! Err, not sure how Efficient/Effective that would be, though. Be Well! Fireheart
  12. Fireheart

    CM590: How can I get extra drive enclosures? Contact CM USA Parts Store? Be Well! Fireheart
  13. Fireheart

    CM Stacker 832SE

    The part you need is RC-880-FBN1-GP, unfortunately it's been discontinued... at least, at NewEgg. There are still other places that have it in stock, but I'd be sending messages to your local CM Parts Shop. Be Well! Fireheart
  14. Fireheart

    CS 1000 front door problem (x-fi platinum)

    Possible to replace the knobs on the pots? With lower profile ones? Just a thought. Be Well! Fireheart
  15. Fireheart

    Adding more HDDs than the HDD rack in Centurion 541?

    A 4-in-3 adapter might work, or a SATA Backplane. Be Well! Fireheart