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  1. After waiting about a month (and paying $5.00 US for shipping and sendind 12 e-mails) I finally received a replacement clear bezel for my CoolerMaster Cool Drive Lite!! It was used and more scratched up than my orginal bezel. I give up! I am going to spray paint the clear bezel black and cover up the CM logo. zeeezzzzz now that service - CoolerMaster style.
  2. It seems afer reading some other postings that many people are having problems getting satisfaction from CoolerMaster once they find that they have a problem. I suppose that I will be having the same luck as I have received no answer to my email (not even an automated reply). If I do not get any resolution I will take a loss and mount the HD without the CoolDrive Lite and never purchase another CoolMaster product again...........
  3. I have sent an email to CoolMaster Customer support. I hope that they reply in a timely fashion.
  4. I have purchased a CoolerMaster CoolDrive Lite for a Christmas gift for myself. It took quite some time to receive my order and I was quite excited when it finally came. I was so upset upon opening it when I found that the front clear bezal was scratched in the top left hand corner (next to the logo) and cracked in the right hand bottom corner. I am quite frustrated at CM and can't help but wonder if they even inspected the product before packing it. Is there any way that CM will send me a new bezel? Can the bezal just be removed to leave the black background? Can the screws be removed and tightened back down with no clear plastic? Any suggestions would be appreciated!!
  5. wayne

    Monitor mod

    here's a cool mod!!
  6. I took the time to mod that grill so it's easier to remove. It's simple. Use side cutters to cut the holes so that they become slots by removing the portion of material in front of the hole. You should now have one long slot instead of a hole. Now you can remove the grill WITHOUT having to take the screw all the way out.
  7. wayne

    My First Mod!

    sorry you guys feel that way. I'll try not to upset you with my ideas in the future..................
  8. wayne

    My First Mod!

    yeah - but those pictures are just examples. The actual one that I'm using has a passive optical lens about twice the size, good clarity and can be adjuusted. It has a field of view of 160 degrees.
  9. wayne

    My First Mod!

    For those who are not sure here is a pic of a peep holes normally put in a house door. I will be embedding one similar to this one in my case so that the inside can be viewed easily even though there is no window.
  10. wayne

    My First Mod!

    10 degrees difference on the prescott processor and 7 to 8 on the motherboard. These are idle temps.
  11. wayne

    My First Mod!

    thanks for the kind comments. This is a work in progress. The pictures I have do not do it justice. All fans are blue CM LED's and the power supply is an Antec Trueblue 480. It looks quite nice all lit up. I have a little more work with the wiring although most wiring is hidden fairly well. All the wiring has been removed from the bottom of the case. I still need to move the speaker. The case is pretty well dustproofed. I have ordered Paxmate Noise dampening material and I will install it this weekend along with some blocks between the hard drives. With the basics taken care of I can start adding a few more components such as a Combo Optical drive, a tv card and a led display. And since there is no window in this case I will be adding a little surprise - A door peeper to allow you can look drectly into my case. The one I have has excellent optics, twice the size of most, a 160 field of view and is totally adjustable so it can be pointed wherever you like. I will also be changing my case feet. The feet I will use will be twice as high as most, machined aluminum and come to a point (this is to minilize vibrations) I will than add some blue tubes under the case for bling. Thats it for now.
  12. wayne

    My First Mod!

    This is not the best pic but here it is. This is my first mod! My case is a Praetorian. I have added a CoolerMaster 120mm Blue LED fan directly over my Prescott processor. A standard grill was added with a mesh screen and than the fanwas added with a filter on the backside. The job was done on a milling machine. A pilot hole was drilled and than all coordinates were inputed into the machines' computer. The panel was than clamped to the machine and the mill was started. All milling operations were totally automatic and the result was a perfect hole without a scratch or a nick in the panel. All edges were perfectly smooth. By adding the CM side fan and neating up my wiring I have lowered the temps of my Prescott by 10 degrees! I'm pleased. This is my first computer and it still needs work but I feel it's not bad for a first build.
  13. Rather than post pictures here I will just link you to my home page. Remember that this computer is a work in progress and I still have much work to do. Anyways - I hope you like what you see............. http://home.cogeco.ca/%7Ewaynebagley/my%20computer.htm This is just the page on my site devoted to my computer. If you like you can backthrack to my main page and take a look at the whole site.
  14. I much prefer the looks of the OLD Praetorian!!! Sorry