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    Show Us Your Cases!

    i so agree, im so freaking jealous. that is my dream case.
  2. Wacft

    Must you plaster your logotype everywhere?

    lol i just wanna know why he thinks this is a gamers forum. this is a forum to help people who have problems or questions with cm products. if anything this forum would be a moding community because we rarely discuss gaming here. also you seem to think anyone that agrees with you is intelligent but anyone that disagrees is an ID.10t so what does that say about you. fyi i play games and still live at home as i finish college, i hope that helps your ego.
  3. Wacft

    Must you plaster your logotype everywhere?

    do you mean the logo in the top left of the forum? if so i love it and wouldnt want them to change it.
  4. Wacft

    Modded Stacker 830

    damn the black and white looks hawt. and if you look in the back of the orange gt two posts above you see the left the mobo tray out and you see the wall lol.
  5. He has CM power supply and thinks it might be part of the problem. yeah i totally breezed over that
  6. Wacft

    New generation 830

    I 3rd this. It would bring back the old ATC feeling. Put these two ideas together and you'll have one solid case. I think CM have focused on flashiness way too much with their cases lately. It's time to go back to the basics. Not to make a comparison, but look at Lian-Li. Their cases are by no means flashy, but they still sell on a reputation of quality and useful features. This is what CM needs to be doing. Personally I'd like the option of installing an HDD hot-swap setup similar to the one used in the iTower 930. It's a very nice feature. The other thing that CM should look at is thermal management in their cases. Look at what Antec and Lian-Li have done for some inspiration (separate 'climate zones' for different components). sorry bryant but this just reminds me of a statement you made a while back. he basically said CM would never make a case that wasnt all aluminum but we see how far CM has strayed from that.
  7. Wacft

    New generation 830

  8. Wacft

    Tribal's Case = Update of Christmas xD p. 4 and 5

    dude you have some real skill. id like to see this skill on cm case though
  9. Wacft

    stealthing drives

    for my button i just put double sided tape there but left the paper on for the side that hits the button so it doesnt stick, did the trick and its easy.
  10. Wacft

    Cooler Master Stacker?

    only thing i could find about it.
  11. Wacft

    Cooler Master Stacker?

    doesnt look like a button to me but the system speaker.
  12. Wacft

    Project: GreenThunder

    dude very nice work, im really liking it. its looking real pro.
  13. Wacft

    Project: GreenThunder

    nice job, i really like the straight edge flames.
  14. Wacft

    Please, help needed - ASUS graphic card doesn't fit

    hmmm not sure what to tell you. this is what i would do if you do this its on you if there are problems. if i had as many problems as you and just wanted my system going id simply bend the tab on the cards straight up, then seat the card into their slots, then re-bend the tab. the only other solution i can think of is CM did release newer versions of that mobo tray in their newer cases which may not have this problem. the new mobo tray even holds two 80mm fans.
  15. Wacft

    Please, help needed - ASUS graphic card doesn't fit

    can we see pictures of your new problem?
  16. Wacft

    So excited i just ordered a ATC210C-VX1

    when he says "green" and "black" hes refering to the tint of the plexi, not the color of the case.
  17. Wacft

    Project: "A-51" - update 090906 - finished

    now this is awesome. who needs a high budget or contacts with ingenuity like that.
  18. Wacft

    N2O Container

    is this gonna be like what toms hardware did with liquid nitrogen? just a one time oc to see what you can hit.
  19. Wacft

    My BOSS accessories....

    surface mounting. theres a skill i hope will be usefull to me one day, lol. but dude that sounds awesome, i hope to see pics soon.
  20. wow very nice, looks almost to perfect to be done by dremel but im always the critic.
  21. Wacft

    My BOSS accessories....

    very nicely done. lol do you suffer from sweaty palms like i do? and do you have the car you obviously love?
  22. Wacft

    Look what we just found in our warehouse

    that 710 is gorgeous, wanna of cm's best cases IMO.
  23. Wacft

    [project] i-spider, a stacker mod.

    beautifull dude. hats off to you. i cant think of anything else to say but WOW!
  24. Wacft

    CM not making their own cases?

    this is a chasi made by "ABS". its exactly the same as the new wave master except cm apears to have made wavy front plate for it. is cm buying cases from other people now? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?Item=N82E16883102662&CMP=EMC-neemail033106&ATT=ABSUltimateM6
  25. Wacft

    CM not making their own cases?

    this isnt a rip off like tt does. this is the exact case with different front plate. it even has the acrylic fan housing on the side panel the cm is unfortunately known for. and i guess thats what happening. although it would have been funner if we busted cm in some "dirty deeds" most likely done dirt cheap.