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  1. just to add my two cents worth , it dosnt work on mine either
  2. Motherboard ASUS A7A266 Thanks for the quick reply, the 1394 port cable doesnt have anywhere to go on the motherboard itself but i have this firewire pci card which has got pins to add another device, however those pins are not the same as the 1394 cable ! D'OH The firewire card also has an internal firewire slot so i am still wondering if there is some kind of 1394 into firewire cable?????? I still cant get that bloody power light to work ! My old case it worked fine - but i just cant seem to figure it out? The motherboard has spaces for audio but i dont understand how to get the front jacks to work - Also how does the pc speaker cable work and where would that normally connect to ? And just to top it off i also have trouble with the top cdrom drive, i have taken the front protecting panel off the unit but it still catches , i believe it is a design fault by coolermaster - although they are not really going to admit that now, are they ?
  3. HELP HELP HELP PLEASE HELP SOMEONE I have decided to upgrade my old pc into a swish new silent one! I have replaced all the fans with competitor silent except for front blue led coolermaster type, replaced old psu (crappy 250w! no wonder it felt like it was gonna die all the time!) with 400w and given it some more ram. Now thats all my money spent . Here are my problems; I dont have anywhere to connect the 1394 cable too? I have an ISIS 4 way pci firewire card with internal firewire port and some other connection but i cannot figure out how to connect? If someone is in the know or has a suggstion please let me know! I presume you can get an 1394 cable into firewire converter or something along those lines???? I cannot get the power light to work, hdd works fine but the green power is non existant - help ! Finally i have no idea what to do with all those mic in and out leads AAARRRRGGGHHHH ! I have a soundblaster 1024 live card as well , does this help ? This is my first attempt at remaking a pc - amazingly everything is working well except the above ! Your time and help is really apreciated