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  1. Yeah i totally agree with INFINITY I use a centurion530 (yes the crap one with dodgy cdrom mechanism) with an amd 3200 mounted under the hyper6+ without its fan. I do play games alot and use the gigabyte 6600gt passive version. I also have the mCubed tbalancer and in day to day use just have the front fan at 70% power (silent) and the rear at 100%, when things start to heat up the side fan kicks in and the front powers up in stages (this is hardly ever though). The cpu sits at 42oC and mainboard at 22oC. When i have done a big session the cpu rises to about 50oC. The HD is kept inside a scythe silent case thingy. You may have heard me moaning about the C^^p 100mm fan on the hyper - its now in the bin ! Next im looking at the fluid bearing design fans from sony (although marketed under a different name!) to get ultra quiet. Next thing to go after that is the PSU. !!!
  2. if its any good im using a hyper6+ without its fan. I presume as its a newish case it should have excellent airflow, just letting you know really. Let us know what the case is like - im after a new one but looking at the p180 at the moment
  3. no , sorry youve misunderstood me - the fan is not defective. It is juin plain unsuitable for pulse width modulation Im still looking for a fan adaptor though 100mm-120mm I was just trying to guage opinions on this product really, seeing if anyone else is frustrated by it. As it stands, the fan is now off and im using it as a passive heatsink within my system. I HATE noise !
  4. Im chilled , just work stress and S**t The clicking and rumbling noises come from when the fan drops down the voltage to say for arguments sake a stall LOL. No it starts to click and moan at around 60% power which is 900rpm , 9.5volts (fans max rpm 1460). So another bone of contention for me is the fact the fan chosen doesnt even suit PWM, even though it has the connections etc for it - one of you said it 'short sighted' DEF!!! I just dont like the idea of sticking things onto other stuff, i prefer it too work straight out of the box no offence coolermaster! Im just airing my frustrations, may help in the future - ya never know :idea:
  5. Make, make you say ! My god i do not pay stupid amounts of money on items, just so i can bodge together a naff bracket to mount a fan! i would of thought even a very normal 120mm fan would be far superior to a 92mm one in terms of noise and cfm? All i mean to say is its a quality product (hyper6) that cools very well, but it seems there is always a niggling factor with coolermaster to let it down! i.e stupid fan size on hyper 6+ i.e stupid cdrom bezel on centurion 530 case i.e mean & rubbish feet on the cm notepal! The list may well go on, but unless these issues are addressed CM will never seriosly be able to compete with the other big case and cool manufacturers.
  6. Just been looking around the sight and it would appear old trusty hyper6plus is no longer there! (views on this anyone?) The main reason i called by was to ask whether anybody has had any luck replacing the non-existant 100mm fan? Im trying to find a thin 100 into 120mm bracket. My problem is; even though its meant for pwm - its CR*P! I have spent money on a decent pwm kit and even bought attuenators to remove the 'knocking' sound out of low speeds but ive given up now and just not bothered with a cpu fan at all !!!!!!! If anyone else knows what im talking about and has a solution let me know cmaster my A**.
  7. The simple answer for me is : Quietness Some innovative design feature - how about a wheel reel to enable use of different parts, like you see on headphones (kinda modular, but kinda not !?!) Efficiency - I love this planet, and would like it to stay that way! Yes Americans !!! take heed of the kyoto protocall ! This may help, but then it may not .I cant understand you people on 600 watts? What on earth do you need that kind of power for ? I can run my electric shower, pc and kettle on less than that !
  8. mw

    CPU cooler temps (again!)

    yep i also feel that silence is best - plus you dont have to keep worrying about water and routing things !!! Anyone reccomend a 'silent' and i mean silent 120mm fan by the way?
  9. mw

    CPU cooler temps (again!)

    sweet guys cheers - hit 49oC after 1 hour of bf2 so i can def run it without that crappy fan nice! Almost got it silent now just the akasa pax psu making the noise now happy happy joy joy
  10. Just a quickie, ive decided to take the fan off my hyper6+ but am keeping intake and exhaust fans. At the moment the pc has been on for 2 hours just browsing and listening to music the temp according to Asusprob is 44oC and the mainboard is 20oC do you think that this is an acceptable level? i.e is it safe to leave the fan off??? I cant imagine the temp would go up that much after a session on bf2, or would it - advise please. SILENCE IS NOW OFFICIALLY GOLDEN
  11. mw

    New case

    i'm still laughing , just noticed the :) decor . A bit non-pc i would imagine, but you sound american so thats ok! Do you guys still have rallys where[ModEdit]... Do me a favor, moderate yourself
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    New case

    InfectiousDust you crack me up ... I bet the biatches are well up for gettin jiggy when they see that My tip for you - save your money and dont buy your ram - your quest for the fastest pc will never work, Bill G will always win! Wisely invest in £20 worth of neutral paint and save yourself embarrassment when the time comes ... if you are over 21 and the time has not 'cum' yet , i would recomend getting a new hobby
  13. thats why i was looking at the 2400 mobile because it has a lower starting volt 1.35 ......... So i presume the overclockability is awesome the others are 1.45v strange no ?!?!?
  14. ok ive just come across a mobile 2.4ghz at . Its on pre-order however it says that its 1.45volt ? is that a typo - or is it another type of chip? my pc will still run silent as i have a full pulse width modulation install, what sort of temps would a highly overclocked (on air) xp-m 2400 see on either say a dfi lanparty or nf7 board??? Once i have these components i will not break open my case until i overclock the nuts off it / and or it explodes i thank you
  15. im working on the motherboard, seen a couple of cheap nf7s... That will be the last i spend then i promise so if i cant get one of those xp2400's are the 2500/2600's acceptable? Much difference between them >>>
  16. So as i cannot take my xp3200 any higher , does anybody know the differance between an amd xp mobile 2500 & amd mobile 2600 ??? Would they both overclock about the same or is the 2600 much better? Im asking as i can buy a 2500 from the shops still, however ive seen 2600's on eBay... Again im on a budget but im looking for that never ending quest of 2.5 ghz! So does anyone want a lovely amd xp3200+ ??? LOL
  17. but in an earlier reply someone said a different mobo wouldnt make any difference??? I guess ill have to ebay it and get a mobile chip. I can still get an xp2500 mobile - are they just as good? As for cooling ive just added a side fan on the CUNTurion530, it just so happens that it blows directly ontop of the hyper6+. Result, its actually knocked a couple of degrees off the chip!?!?!!! with no extra noise. Sorry was there a typo in there somewhere? Looks like either luck or a good piece of coolermaster design, shame they cant fix a cdrom door though isnt it? :idea:
  18. Well im now up to 2.34 !!!!!!!!!! And its not going any higher than that ! fsb at 213. volts at 1.85. God damn it i wanted more!
  19. is there anything around for socket a still ? i dont really want a new mobo/cpu (money!!!!!!) would i see an improvement with a different motherboard, do you think? thanks p.s yes timings are tight for that ram i believe 2-2-2-6 i think at present.
  20. ok im using geil ultra x 2x512meg if that helps ??? cpu is being cooled by a hyper6+ with low case temps all round! latest asus bios update. still only getting 2.31ghz................................ its stable ; but i want more god damn you !!!!!!!!!! its not worth the money to switch to a mobile processor really!?!? help help help
  21. ok then so how do you do a volt mod? is it worth doing and how complicated is it? next question , im at 1.75v at the mo - will it make any difference if i go to 1.85v multi at 12 , fsb 210 ??????? best overclock ideas
  22. but i think i can go higher than 1.85volts ?!? What is safe - do you know? dont want to shock myself
  23. its in here somewhere , just gonna have to trawl throught it ! sorry if you do get it , let me know how you get on ! im in the same boat
  24. nope , its no good - im def beat on this one! I guess ill have to make do with 2.31 ghz - better than 2.2
  25. same problem here mate; it could of been a great case if it wernt for a stupid thing like that! As yet there is no official answer for the F@@k up, and the best ive seen is a wire bending trick - which i still dont understand! Its like buying a new car and then finding out the doors dont open? 'you can have it open or closed sir, but nothing in between' ................. Imagine entering it into a case mod competition, spend a load on it and not make the cdrom door open LOL