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  1. Hi, I am having a ASUS P4C800-E deluxe M.B. Would like to find out any members out there has install CM blue Ice on the above mentioned M.B.
  2. Nobody76

    Cool Viva

    CoolViva work well for My Inno3d gpu. The temperature in normally at 45 to 47 deg C. But after I used the CoolViva without the top large heat sink, the temperature drop to 40.5 to 42 deg c.
  3. Me also using Cool Viva on Asus motherboard. As mentioned the gap between the North bridge is less than 25mm. So I decided to tried the full assembly exclude the top large heat sink, and it's work. Without Cool Viva, normal temperature is 45 deg C. With Cool Viva, current temperature is 40.5 to 42 deg C. Will have to drill 4 extra holes on the top large heat sink to fit it onto the assembly. Will post the pic once i finish modding my Cool Viva...
  4. 1X Cpu Fan 1x 120mm Exhaust 1X 80mm Intake 2 X 80mm PSU 1 X 40mm VGA Cooler Total of 6 fans...
  5. Hi all, Just join... Just started to learn case mob...