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  1. you can always "make" it fit but i dont think it is suggested because the difference of strenght between the aquagate pump and the swiftech pump. im not sure on the reasons but that is what i have read. i just changed the motherboard and nothing works. dammit... i dunno what to do....
  2. the pump i used is a swiftech mcp655, 317 gph, my setup was getting me 38c on the dual core and about 33 on the 7800. the pump works well and can easily be plugged inside your case along with your fans etc. it is also adjustable to how fast you want it to pump the water. i agree with you also, i dont think im going to risk this again considering that i am not fithy rich. as far as i know, it seems as if my video card might still work since it is hot, but i think the cpu is fried since no coolant was going to it. mobo fried, and the sound card also. i think im going to stick with air or maybe move to all copper blocks.
  3. I woke up this morning to find my new rig dead. my aqua trident cracked on the side next to one of the outlet, coolant everywhere. i just built this rig too, god i am so pissed right now considering i did a 2-3 day leak test also. gonna get another mobo and see if that works, i can feel heat coming out of the 7800 so im guessin that still works, but the heat sink on the dual core is cold. i was using a highend pump and a 120 rad, not the aquagate.
  4. it does fit, as i type this, i got the nv cooler on the 7800gtx and the trident on the amd 64x2 4400+. the temperatures im getting are 38-40c. im using a 317 gph pump and a 120 rad. are those good temps?
  5. Andrew

    aqua trident

    hmmm. i guess i can switch the barbs on the trident, seems like it would fit. i was thinking of using 3/8 id tubes because im guessing 1/4 would be too small on a bigger pump. im thinking of using the Swiftech MCP655 or the similar polarflow pump. i guess ill just try it and see what temps i get first, thanks for all the help everyone.
  6. Andrew

    aqua trident

    i have a question actually, since im planning to use the cm blocks which are 1/4 id, is it good/bad to be using a 3/8 id system porting to the 1/4 id blocks? ill hate to buy a new set of water blocks, i like the cm ones.
  7. Andrew

    aqua trident

    i have the thermaltake armor, i bought the danger den 120 radiator. it was a pain getting it to fit nicely in the armor already. as of right now, im running a amd fx3200+ with a nvidia fx5700. i use the aquagate trident, and the cm nb cooler. eventually im going dual core with the 7800gtx, from what you guys tell me, the aquagate most likely cannot support it. im thinking of replacing it with a new res and atleast a 100 gph pump along with an additional 80 rad that i can probably fit on top. would be nice to fit another 120 on but i cant think of where to do it, of course i can always pull out the dremel
  8. Andrew

    aqua trident

    im not sure if i can fit a dual or an extra 120 rad, i use a competitors case, thats around the same size as the stacker, its a bit of a pain getting this 120 to fit already. thanks for all the help. i didnt name names because im not sure if i can.
  9. Andrew

    aqua trident

    thanks for the help. guess ill need to get a new pump, res set up. i currently have a 120 rad coming. i was hoping to cool the nb and gpu also.
  10. sells it, i bought that, the trident and the vga cooler from them.
  11. Andrew

    aqua trident

    would this work on a amd 64x2 socket 939? i searched the forums and found no info on it. on the page it said it doesnt so im guessing it probably doesnt but is there a mod or some sort to get it to fit?
  12. hi, i recently ordered the cm vga along with the trident, and northbridge block. my question is if the vga block would fit on my nvidia fx5700. the ram coolers probably wont work, but i was wondering if the block alone would fit on the gpu. i plan on moving up later on in the year to a higher card. but as of now i have the fx5700. thanks in advance for the help.