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  1. You mean never. Even the CEO said it SHOULD be as fast as the GTX, but if nVidia comes with a refresh, they're fucked. my 2 cents.. i dont c how in this world a 16 pipes(fudo) card will compete with 24 pipes...(gtx) even with 90nm technolgy.i was a bit dissapointed with the tech stuff that is around..
  2. i might be wrong.. but games does not use multitasking does it?? as far as i know a x2 over games will not take advantage of the 2 cores.. so as far as i know (heard because i dont own a x2) a game will still uses 1 core and not both completely.. u need games that has been coded to use both cpu thats why a fx55/fx57 owns a x2 in games soooo badly.. x2 technology is new so i guess it will take some time b4 most of the programs can take advantage of those 2 cores
  3. You know, I've seen so many pictures of Ultras with two molex cables attached and I didn't even think of that! Well that makes sense then. Now I can see why that Gainward bios is so useful. Do you think I'd still be able to clock at 400/1100 with the Gainward bios? I have to admit, I've really enjoyed running around at Ultra speeds! well it can.. i have got my hands over a nice gt i had rma to the store where i bought it until i found this one that oc soo well heh.. i just killed the cards until somethign nice came.. u can always try to oc your card to the limits.. in that case if u do tell me. considering that. your core can run at 400 it will not bring no problems.. also remember ultra cards uses more relaxed timings than gt.. with this timings will perform better at 1060 over 1100 ultras.. its all about performance.. i should recommend you to use the 370 -1000 one as starters and push it.. as for the psu it seems very good strong rails etc. so there is no problem from there.. if temps become a issue.. i can drop u a line with some aftermarket cooler using pm
  4. its safe.. all cards uses the same pcb ,, same chips.. and even almost all uses the same gddr3 chips.... the only exception is the asus bios wich have proven to be incompatible with this cards. this does not apply to 6600s/ about the temps somehow i feel i might not be understanding you.. sorry my lack of english can be a pain in the arse. hehe. can u provide me wich psu are u using and wich amps are running over the 12v rail? also temps might cause lockups. thansk the the throtle thing.. in driver u can see a thereshold of 127 celcius wich in practice the 6800gt/ultra will throtle back at much lower temps at my experience i have found that cards running at more of 80 celcius might become unstable specially if the psu is not giving constant/strong power. and about the bios leadtek will work just fine with gainward bioses/ edit.. the added voltage might not work correctly. let me explain 2 things the ultra got another molex.. and therefore it ensures proper wattage from the psu. meaning a natively ultra bios will try to take advantage of this.. in the case of the gainward bios it features 1.4v with one molex. it seems uninportant but its this took the ultra bioese out of the equation for me. also when u modify the header in the bios that set the voltage i have found that not always this is true its reported as 1.4 in rivaturner but in real using a tester i have found to be inaccurate.. and even below of 1.3 volts, what means is riva turner gets the info from the bios itself and not from practice..
  5. well in this case it seems that the gtx is almost at the edge of its potential performance speaking///// they should make memory latencies a lot more agresive.. and crosiing fingers it does not get bottleneck from cpu hehe
  6. OK DIFFERENCE from both gt and ultra besides clocks and memory timings is voltage.. wich is in ultra 1.4 v over the gpu. the gt does have 1.3 volts.. however u should take a look into the gainward golden sample gt bios there is a pair around wich features 1.4 volts and with agresive timings, pretty weird the leadtek does not have a temp sensor on it....... all of the gt uses the same pcb leadtek one uses the same cooling as ultras, hmm weird.. well in any case.. i can give u a nice modded gt bios i use on my evga 6800gt feel free to add me in messenger. i have a 3 one with 460 core 1220 mem with gt timings 1.5 volts another stock at 350 core 1000 mem with gt timings 1.4 v and another with 370 core and 1000 mem gt timings 1.4 v also if u want the cosmetic stuff so your driver detect it as 6800 ultra it can be easily changed. and after i have tested one wich is a 6800gt bios with some reverse enginered 7800gtx instructions out of the bios. i will be more than gladly to give it to u once i have finish my tests on it
  7. u might want to use the hardware monitor over riva turner.. wich card are u using.? also i recomend the atitools with the last beta supports nvidia hardware. u can also use it to grab the original bios. and watch temps in 3d stress tests.. if u can provide your clocks.. do so. both core and memory and wich bios are u using?? note that gt timings works a lot better than those found on ultras.. ultra timings are more relaxed while the gt are more agresive.. so your card will perform better with gt timings at 1120 from those found at 1200 with relaxed timings. my card can clock at 1240 with gt timings wich is very uncomon even when my memory is marked at 2.0 ns. im almost sure this chips were remarked and are actually 1.6ns
  8. yes some of the mods can be made with riva turner.. but.. its not quite elegant for me hehe.. also what i do want to share is my knolegde of how to understand and mod your card. i have invested loads of time in this with the info i will release people might be able to understand their bios, also changing the memory timings is not possible yet.. as far as i can tell memory timings is one of the key success of modding the bios, also changing voltage, and some other tricks.. im working with a few people in taking a few things off the 7800gtx bios and use this into 6800cards with some limited success. so what i want to share is how to's and might end up more people into this. riva turner have limited access to mod.. u can unmask the masked pipes, u can change the id string using nvstrap driver etc.. well thats me.. riva turner is one of my favorite tools. but it has some limited effect on the hardware
  9. Ok, recently I have seen a lot of trouble with people flashing vid cards. Problems...etc. And I decided to post a few things u need to consider before flashing. Do not flash your card under any of these circunstances... If your card its running great don't do it! whats the point of getting more if u dont actually need it? If you care about your warranty (if anything goes wrong) do not flashit, as your warranty might be voided! If you are not sure what exactly are you doing, do not flash! If wasting $150-600 affect your economy really bad, do not flash your card unless its a supported BIOS upgrade that was meant for your card and its officially supported by your card manufacturer and if your current BIOS has some problems in your set up. i have to say all of the above..for my peace of mind. but if u are really into this modding video cards and ur taking seriously i am open to tell you how to do this, i will post how to shortly explaining the following, memory timings table, gpu performance table, voltage tables, and will provide feedback with answers to any doubt... as a side note: things u can do. mod a 6200 to a 6600 ** (might not work exactly the same) mod for 6600gt (higher memory clocks tweaking the memory timings) mod 6800nu or 6800se (agp) into 16pipes 6 vertex shaders (some will not work correctly, good thing u can revert back any changes) mod 6800gt to ultra (easier but it has it tricks)(i prefer gt timings over those from ultra (more to come)) Now (back to flashing )some things to keep in mind... If you choose to flash, do it at youR own risk! In most cases people will help to fix your problem with a bad flash. But nothing is certain...the card might get damage and no one would be able to help. If the flash goes well, do not expect the same performance/stability as other might have achieved... Every card, even same model and same manufacturer is different ,some cards might go higher than others...depends on many factors. Your vid card... gpu Your mobo... Your PSU... Your vid card memory... Your processor... your cooling solution And any other card that is in your system even different numbers of HD. Everything consumes power... And again same model same manufacturer will react different from card to card... Also there is in some cases people that are lying so in some cases results might not be always true. If you want to flash... Be prepared... Get a floppy disk or any other mean to access real DOS! Get every single piece of info on your hardware like, manufacturer, model memory chips used in your card, cooling solution, original clock settings, voltage if upgrading to a newer model (RivaTurner), memory timings (RivaTurner)... you can find that tool in Back up your original BIOS! use nvflash with this command (- i.e. "nvflash -b" without the quotes/ now in the same dos ..and assuming u know how your card works (clocks temps (idle and load) ) use this command. "nvflash -4 -5 -6 newbios.rom" (without the quotes) **make sure u use the extension .rom or flash will not work. now reboot command -4 -5 -6 will force the flash no matter what pcb chip is installed on the card If possible get a PCI card (any other brand that ain't NVIDIA will be less complicated, this is to avoid a blind flash)![li] [li]If possible get an UPS, in case energy goes bye bye when flashing. This means you won't get a power down and therefore not get interrupted during flash! Get NiBiTor for GeForce 5 and 6 Series...Document yourself using such programs. Remember programs might get bugs compare info displayed in NiBiTor with the info you gathered in RivaTurner and vice versa. nbitor is the best tweaking program made for nvidia cards, u can access here to voltage tables, performance tables, and memory timings. this program is specially handy if u dont know how to understand binary-hexadesimal language. DONT USE THIS SOFTWARE WITHOUT THE PROPER information on how it works, and more importantly how to use it correctly. Be ready for blind floppy flash (if you don't have a video PCI card). Details on Blind Flash... Open notepad and write... @ECHO OFF path=a: nvFlash -4 -5 -6 -y --auto backup.rom Rename it and save it onto your floppy with nvFlash and your "backup.rom". If your backup BIOS has a different name don't forget to change it into your new autoexec.bat file I hope this helps... usefull programs u must have.. nvflash 5.13 for newer chips like geforce 6 and geforce fx ( nvflash 4.xx for older chips like geforce 4 (including those of gf4 TI) ( rivaturner latest release (15.7) ( nbitor 2.2 or superior ( i will make a guide for the starters into the modding vid cards.. also im working on the ati guide of flashing wich will be posted very soon
  10. just for the record on air.. stock 3000+ venice idle 33celicius load 38 celcius oced @ 2.75 ghz idle 51 celcius load 59~62 celsius using stock air cooling solution.
  11. there is only one good way to overclock and achieve best results.. wich is bios editing.. u should b4 starting anything read a lot.. get to know your parts strongs and weakens.. learn how to understand the bios and how each field affect your performance.. as said b4, there is a lot of guides, start there.. and by all means do not try to copy others experiences. keep in mind that each piece of hardware is different even if they comes from the same manufacturer, and same model.. each cpu is different, some overclocks better some worse.. also keep in mind that overclocking if u dont know what you are doing can damage your hardware and in some cases warranty will be bye bye
  12. hmm it seems it doesnt work... with big video cards... shame.!!
  13. i won this from a contest hosted by and cooler master. and makes me wonder if it will fit in my mobo??? man thanks for your replies.. im using a 6800gt ..