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  1. Wow! that 830 looks very nice! I think its time for me to build a new rig.
  2. Man i love the black grilles,soooo much better than the silver ones. This is the way they will be right????
  3. Osiris

    Black Stacker 830?

    Wow the black looks gorgeous! I hope we get the black one here in the states.
  4. Very nice Miyagi,did it cost you alot?
  5. OOOO yeah just in time for X-MAS
  6. Man these stackers are looking awesome guys! But i got to say... devastator the Xbox with the PC in a stacker that is KICK AZZ!!!!!!
  7. Nice buy domoMKIV,I've always liked that case. Is it heavier than the stacker?
  8. Very nice InfectiousDust!
  9. I seriously doubt that case will beat yours ferry. Dont get me wrong its cool and all but, Castle Grayskull just dont look as cool to me
  10. Nice theme InfectiousDust! good luck on the contest. Now where are you going to put (I'LL BE BACK or COME WITH ME IF YOU WANT TO LIVE!)
  11. The sh_t is bananas B A N A N A S Very nice rig
  12. Wow! the one with the vents on the side is very cool
  13. And on the 7th day the monster Stacker was alive.
  14. Nice,but damn that pink is loud.
  15. Well i got 4, so here they are. 1.CM Scout 2.Warbird 3.Defender 4.Interceptor
  16. I see your monster stacker is coming along just fine ferry. Keep up the good work man Very Very nice.
  17. Dude!!! lol...and here i thought i had alot of fans J/K. Very nice RaneZ [FB]!
  18. This amazing rig just keep's looking better and better all the time
  19. Osiris

    CM Vortex Review!

    Yeah whats up with that????
  20. Osiris

    White centurion 5

    Looks cool but it looks like it would be hard to keep it clean.