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  1. At full speed the fan runs at about 2400rpm. I think it is just loud because of how freaking fast it is spinning. When I turn it down with control center I put it at just under 1800rpm which appears to keep the cpu at a safe temp. So, if I change the speed in the BIOS it should keep the change even after restarts yes?
  2. Hey, I have a MSI Big Bang XPower motherboard with a Coolermaster V6 GT installed on the CPU. Since I find the V6 to be a little loud for my taste I like to turn down the rpm. I have been using MSI Control Center version 1.0.192 to turn down the speed. Only problem is, whenever I turn off or restart my computer, I have to open up the control center to turn the fan down again. I would really like an alternative to Control Center that will allow me to keep the fan turned down even after turning off my computer, or at the very least to turn it down by itself on start-up of my computer. Be it software or otherwise, I would appreciate ideas!
  3. Anyone have a solution, that might work even after the computer is turned off?
  4. Well, I'm back again, unfortunately. When I turn down my fan using the MSI Control Center software, it works fine. However, when I reboot it reverts back to 100% fan speed. I would really like a solution that doesn't require me to reset it every time I turn on my computer.
  5. So.... when I tried out the OCCT test, under monitoring it showed my CPU temps running about 50C but the MSI control center only showed my CPU getting up to like 38C. Which one is right? Anyways, the MSI control center only lets you reduce to 50% and 75%, nothing in between. Not exactly bad but I'm a little surprised. 50% is nice and quiet for me and still stays pretty cool (even considering the larger of the two temperatures the two programs give me) 100% loaded so i think I will stay with that.
  6. Well, thanks for the advice. I have always been able to get by without messing too much with the Bios and stuff and I don't really overclock, so I don't have much experience with it. When I was buying all the stuff for my computer I figured "why the :) not" I might not need all the features but just in case I do I will have it. Seems like everything is cheaper since I last built a computer.
  7. Cool, I was looking for something like that. What is a safe RPM (or %) to run the fans at?
  8. From what I saw in the bios its running around 2300 right now.
  9. I checked the Bios but the only option that I saw for changing the fan was called "smart fan target" which, when selected, gave me the options: 40 degrees C 45 degrees C 50 degrees C 55 degrees C 60 degrees C 65 degrees C 70 degrees C I'm pretty sure thats a little different than you where talking about. I assume that it is a threshhold at which the fan will kick in at high gear, but I'm not sure. My motherboard is a MSI Big Bang XPower.
  10. I have them plugged in to the motherboard. I will checkmy bios when I get home.
  11. I just built a new computer and I got myself a Coolermaster V6 GT for my cpu. Install went fine and it was all good, until I flipped it on. The fans on it are pretty loud. I figured that with the larger fans it could have them spinning at lower speeds, making it a bit quiter. Also, being at the price it is I kinda expected something a little more quiet. Anyways, I want to turn down a speed a bit, but I am a bit hesitant. Firstly, I don't know how to go about the process of turning it down itself. Secondly, what RPM is the best choice? Obviously I don't want to turn it down so much it does damage to my computer, but I would still like to knock off a few decibels. What would be a safe speed for it?