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  1. Nice... but for me, no way... I´m a water adicted with active rads like BlackIce extreme III (rules)...
  2. InfectiousDust is right... In the summer you should mount the fan again or go to a water rig. Stay Cool...
  3. If you already have a 120mm fan mounted in the back (Out-take), please check you cables in order to increase the air flow. You may install a 3rd fan in the side panel or even change stock cooler for a better one. Remenber to check the air path (Front 80mm fan - In-take / Rear 120mm fan - Out-take).
  4. Hi Vikash and welcome to the Cooler Master forum... The Centurion 5 it´s a great chassis. The only thing you have to do it´s optimize the Air flow inside the case by installing a 120mm fan in the rear and work in the cable management. This should do the difference...
  5. Please check if you have the LGA 775 Retention plate and back plate. If you wave this parts then it´s the new Aquagate Rev. (RL-HUC-E8U1/E8U2 If you don´t... Ups... It´s the old one. (ALC-U01) Stay Cool...
  6. Hi. I think two filters with black aloy frame should go better with your case, but you will loose the circle shape effect. Stay Cool...
  7. That isn´t normal. You should make an RMA to you Cooler Master resseler, but the photos will help us in this question... Stay Cool...
  8. Nice work darkfog, but the WaterTower is huge...