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  1. i recently change my computer casing,now im using cooler master storm scout casing,but my problem is the exhaust fan on the back side is not spinning/working,how to fix this problem?is the any wire i need to connect?
  2. i already change my im using ASUS.but..still i wanna know alot about overclocking.i already tried the default overclock profile,but my pc hang if i set more then 10%.grr...i wanna overclock more ,my cpu tempreture is still really low its like 40C.but y my system hang?anyone can teach me how to solve this prob pls..
  3. i wanna overclock my pc,i just use a local ECS mobo.anyone can give me guide?
  4. i already register my coolermaster question is what is the benefit of registering our product?i get a reply from cooler master they ask me to login with that password,but which website i can login with that password?
  5. please let me know when the registration site will be ok.
  6. yea like i say i think CM should make 1 own software that is 100% compatible with this brand.
  7. hahahh >< i really wanna do overclocking for my pc since i already use this CM u hav any guide about how to overclock for beginner?xD.
  8. lol i dunno y,my pc keeps crashing if i wanna start this speedfan 4.41 software n that suxc -.-.i really wanna take control of the CM fan i hav some suggestion,y not CM provide own CM tempreture monitoring software that is 100% compatible for this brand,i think CM should make one.
  9.,tyvm for the info..its really helpfull.i really appreciate it.hehe yay!now i already can turn on the led : ive no idea how the connector can be unplugged lol.
  10. can u upload the picture of the connector please?i dunno anything about the installation.cuz i send this pc to pc vendor for installing this CM v6GT.
  11. hi,i hav a V6GT but the problem is,suddenly i cant turn on the red,blue,violet LED.but theres no prob with the fan,it still keep spinning.anyone know how to solve this prob pls?thanks in adv..