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  1. Those headers appear to follow these specs here: They are from Intel, rather than just a third party it would seem. Also, could we have a date on when we will get more information? Thanks in advance.
  2. They already have. ... c_released So, what happens now? Will there be a v2 of this chassis once USB 3.0 becomes native in a few months?
  3. I'm not sure if this belongs in the suggestions forum or here. Will there be a second revision of the HAF-X in a few months now that there are motherboards with USB 3.0 headers? ... 30-header/ It seems very likely that there will be native USB 3.0 in the next generation. I think that having all 4 of the front panels as USB 3.0 would be a good idea for the next generation. I am interested in buying this case, although I would like to know if there is already a solution for native USB 3.0 motherboard headers. After checking the HAF-X manual, there doesn't appear to be a USB 3.0 solution except to plug in the back of the case, as in the case does not provide motherboard header adapters. Anyways, will there be a HAF-X v1.1 product that addresses this? Thanks in advance.
  4. Apparently, there have been multiple cases of shorting out motherboards with the HAF-X due to the front panel. Check this thread: ... ip-options In particular, examine the pictures of the LED light: It appears that the sharp object on top has punctured the insulation. Here are several other links to the problem: ... urned.html
  5. Thanks. Out of curiosity, were they deactivated at some point - nobody seemed to carry them.
  6. All hubs USB 3.0 would be nice as well.
  7. I've been looking everywhere for the 200 mm storm force fans, but the only thing that all stores seem to have in stock are the 200 mm Megaflow fans. Where can one find the 200 mm Storm Force fans? They don't appear to be in stock in the Cooler Master store either.