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  1. Thanx for your answer,,I am not sure which voltage or where to buy
  2. Not very sure about the 200mm,I don't have a 200mm to try it for you It does have three different fixing holes, so I imagine coolmaster have catered for this.It seems to be easy to buy a blue 230mm, but not so many companies have the off/on switch facility, which is incorprated in the haf x...Can I ask which mobo you are fitting..I have two of these cases, one blue and one red, both with gigabyte mobo's..They really are brilliant cases.
  3. Hi There..I buy most of my parts from Scan Computers, I dont know if your in uk.
  4. Hi There,yes I just converted my hafx to blue, you can buy a spectre 230mm led fan and it has a switch for off/onn..Cheers Dave
  5. I must say I am very surprised that no one has answered my post
  6. Hi everyone, I am fitting my hafx with blue fans and I need a blue one for the front,which is switchable off/on, anyone have info please...Or is it possible to replace the neon with blue ones