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  1. Mystique 631 Engraving

    Its just the natural Alu color but the cameraflash makes it look really white.
  2. Mystique 631 Engraving

    THats very hard to say as i never time my work but it took 3 days from sketch to finished case probably 15-20 hours pure engraving time
  3. Mystique 631 Engraving

    Here ya go you can see some leftovers from the original sketch i havent cleaned it properly yet
  4. Mystique 631 Engraving

    I just got hold of a CM 631 and i just went nuts with it. Its just a bunch of engraving so theres really not much to say. Ill let the pictures do the talking. And the final result All done by hand with the Dremel 400 digital using Dremel original diamond bits and flexshaft.
  5. post how many fans you have in your system!

    6x120mm (one in each PSU three in the front and one in the rear) 3x80 and a Crossflow.
  6. Check out this mod...

    And best of all hes a really nice guy. He gave me alot of tips and advice when i was making my puzzlebox. He´s happy to share his knowledge.
  7. Check out this mod...

    CrimsonSky is the absolute KING OF MODDING i havent seen anyone that even comes close to the skills that he has. I even bought his book. If you want great tips and inspiration check it out its called "Maximum pc Guide to extreme pc mods" its a goldmine. His videotutorial for the alien fossil mouse was a great inspiration for me when i designed the fleshy look of my Puzzlebox. And his Doom3 case is just so amazingly far beyond anything else. Even though it is still in the making it has already kicked the crap out of just about every mod ive ever seen the craftsmanship is mindblowing.
  8. WTX Problems

    Im sorry but this is just amazing how anyone can think that you would have to do some new settings in the hardware just to mount it upside down. This problem obviusly has nothing to do with any bios settings or anything even remotly close to that. Wich way the hardware is mounted has ABSOLUTELY NO effect on it what so ever (unless its a harddrive from the stoneage) My guess is that somewhere theres a tiny short maybe some part of the mainboard or some other component has contact with a surface that i shouldnt have. *checking my bios to see if theres a setting for Case to the left or right of the screen*
  9. CM Stacker not compatible with DFI LANPARTY nF4 SLI-DR

    well i still dont understand how it is that my DFI Sli-dr fits perfectly in the exact same case..
  10. CM Stacker not compatible with DFI LANPARTY nF4 SLI-DR

    Your problem seems strange since ive got the exact same case and the exact same mainboard and mine fits just fine. Maybe there are different versions of the SLI-DR? but judging by the pics its the same?
  11. Tips: Using Mirrors instead of plexi in windowmods

    Thanks. What I was really hoping to see was the mirror attached to the case panel. I wonder how you will stick it on, glass is so heavy. Also, many of your designs are so intricate and detailed. Do you use CAD software to plan out your work. No no no cad software that is taboo my designs are actally part homemade with pen and paper i mostly do my own designs but i often borrow parts of pics from the net and put it all toghether so its a mix of my own work and others, tattooflash sites are great for finding cool stuff to etch. The big plexi tribal etch is 100% my own creation the the rest is a mix. I borrow alredy finished pics mostly because im lazy Doing a full size Celtic design takes hours and hours. Oh btw i finished the pentagram etch today and heeere it is and heres a picture of my LivingroomWall just to show one of my original designs Thats my daughter sitting on the couch and btw There will be pics of the mirror mounted in my stacker. I was supposed to get it done today but as a family man i have alot of other stuff to do so there wasnt time today. Ill try again tomorrow oh and im planning to use superglue to fasten the glass. Since the mirror is just 30x30cm that should work jsut fine.
  12. Tips: Using Mirrors instead of plexi in windowmods

    As requested heres what the backside of a etched mirror looks like This picture is fram a mirror im currently working on. You can clearly see the frosted effect.
  13. Tips: Using Mirrors instead of plexi in windowmods

    The secret to cutting plexi is to use alot of masking tape and then using blades with very fine teeth. The bits i used to etch the plexi is bits that are intended for use on wood and they work great. ive never had any problems with the plastic melting even though i run my Dremel att 25000rpm.
  14. Tips: Using Mirrors instead of plexi in windowmods

    Thanks for the kind words. As you already said ive been doing this for a while now but ive always etched plexiglass and aluminium before so glass is new. Hers a few examples of my previous work on plexiglass.
  15. Tips: Using Mirrors instead of plexi in windowmods

    Excellent, looking forward to those. The class looks frosted where it has been etched. Is that the case or is it just my eyes? Thers nothing wrong with your eyes The glass is frosted that effect comes naturally when you etch bigger areas. It hard work doing that with a smnall diamond bit but the end result looks great.