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  1. Hi Today I purchased a 212+, however i have just noticed someone selling the 212 for just over 2/3 of the price. I am curious if there is much real world difference between the 2. cheers
  2. cheers guys.... ordered from for 14.99 free P&P Bargain!.
  3. Hi So ANY 212+ will fit sandybridge and i do not need a new bracket then? sorry if its obvious question however the add for the cooler i am thinking of buying (it is a 212+) has no mention of sandybridge support only 1156. cheers
  4. no problem I am just glad it fits and i am not facing buying a 50 quid liquid cooler or a new case. The hyper 212+ seems like a heck of a cooler for the cash. Thanks again. Sorry 1 more question. Are ALL Hyper 212+ coolers compatable with socket 1155 out of the box, or are there multiple revisions? I have seen it as cheap as £15 brand new, but there is no mention of 1155 support, I do not know if that is simply becasue it did not exist when the add was made, OR is there a new mounting bracket included with some newer boxes and older ones do not have it? thanks.
  5. hi that is fab news, i will order one then once i get my warranty swap out new board. out of curiosity.... is the 212+ different to the 212 in size ? (I believe you were one of the people who said it would not fit whilst i was hunting viewtopic.php?f=2&t=10807) thanks for your reply (and I am not having a dig am just confused ) cheers
  6. Hi guys.... I have a coolermaster 330 elite case, and i used to have a freezer 7 pro cooler in there on my AMD X2. However i have now gone the route of a 2500K sandybridge. It is a cracking computer (even with dodgy Sata ports) and even at stock volts does 4.2ghz with ease. Sadly the cooler intel supply is barely good enough to cool my northbridge, and without a desk fan blowing directly it hits over 85 degs in under 5 mins of prime. I am looking into a new cooler, and whilst expensive ones like the Kuhler 620 H20 or the Corsair H50 seem really nice, light and space saving they are bloody expensive. I am looking at the hyper 212+ however some people are saying it fits ok in my case, and others are saying it does not. The plastic cowling is long gone to fit in my freezer 7. My mobo is an Asus P8P67. Has anyone here tried using that with my set up? If it does not fit, can anyone reccomend a good cooler for around the 25 quid mark (any more and i may as well get the antec kuhler 620 as its only 47 quid) cheers M.
  7. Hi thanks for your mail, thats great, shame about the cooler, i guess i will just have to buy the coolermaster littleun i dont have to worry just yet anyway as will take a while to get psu sorted i guess cheers M.
  8. Hi i have a HTPC and am using the desktop cavalier case, however i am planning on putting my old gaming rig internals in there. however my only worry is, i had to remove the cowel which funnels air from the top of the case onto the heatsink on my current rig, and the heatsink in it is a LOT smaller than the heatsink and fan in my gaming pc. the freezer64 pro is 127mm high the freezer 64 is 120 mm high does anyone know if the arctic cooler freezer 64 PRO will fit into this case? i really hope so as its a beaut of a silent fan, if not maybe the pro then?. many thanks Mike ahh pants..... i just thought... i dont think coolermaster T02 case has the extra 4 pin power plug to use with newer motherboards, such as my asus nforce4 mobo. as its a non standard psu i cant upgrade the psu either. will the board work without the extra power plugged in or am i stuffed? if so thats anotther load of expense. my coolermaster case was bloody expensive as well
  9. well it took a while (2.5months) but i finally got my replacemenmt cavalier psu today sadly its only a replacemnet 300w one not one of the realpower 350's however beggers cant be choosers. just glad to be sorted. i wouldnt hesitate to buy coolermaster gear again, however when its a large item whic hwould be a pig to return, i will infuture only buy from shops i think. fogot what a weighty beast it is, as a man used to ebuyer £8 400w psus, it makes an interesting change.
  10. hmmm starting to worry again now, still not heard anything about my new psu, & its 2 weeks since the last mail which said i would recieve the psu within a week. been over a month without my dvd player & internet access, which is a pain.
  11. +/- 50 degrees? is that under load, if so i dont see the problem. on a very hot day under load mine gets close to 60 degrees & is perfectly stable. sure it *may* shorten the life of the cpu by a small amount compared to if it ran 10 degrees cooler but heck there is no socket A processor on the market which will be worth more than a tin of beans in 3 years time anyway chances are your temps havent changed, just that a different board has a differently calibrated sensor.... just my 2p
  12. ok thanks for your responses guys, it does look like a nice piece of kit however i think i am going to go with the tried & tsted competitor due to mixed opinions on here & the fact that the exhausts the hot air
  13. Hi i am thinking of getting one of these as it seems a universal fit so could be used for other graphic cards in the future, & is only a few quid dearer than the arctic silencer. can anyone comment on how good it is? i currently have a sapphire ati 9800pro, have unlocked the 360 improved xt shaders however i cant overclock the core or ram yet as it runs so hot with the standard fan. noise isnt really an issue in my gaming rig, just cooling performace.
  14. just a quick thankyou to coolermaster they mailed me yesterday to tell me not to send my case back to dabs. they are sending me a new unit in the post yay!
  15. Hi yes i will have to do that. The reason i didnt do this as a 1st option is dabs claim to have a 6 week turn around on RMA's & suggest you go direct. Coolermaster mailed me today however & said i had to go with Dabs so all in all i am a bit dissaponted the clincher will be however, i have a sneaky feeling that dabs are going to want the whole case not just the psu, & as i have to pay postage, it will hardly be worth it. only other option is, can you buy the cm psu seperate? anyways thanks for the responses, i have mailed dabs asking if they will accept just the psu. The automated response with the rma number stated they must have the whole package with the original packaging for them to accept it back. Clearly this is insane & hoipefully they will be flexible on this. time will tell.
  16. incidently anyidea how long it will take for them to get back to me with an RMA? i mailed their tech support 1st thing yesterday & still no response. i am guessnig that is the thing to do? i cant find instructions for getting an rma on their site cheers M.
  17. -------- excellent. can never have too much power every cloud has a sliver lining & all that then until then i may be able to borrow a temporary 350w psu. will be an "interesting" set up but it should be safe (i hope) thanks everyone for the advice.
  18. the desktop Cavalier with 300w psu (CAV-T04) not sure the make of psu as its at home (i guess its standard for all cases tho is it???) cheers M.
  19. Hi I have had one of these (excellent) cases for a few months, however only of the pins going into the psu has severed, resulting in a lot of arcing, & generally making it unsafe. i cant return the entire case as it would mean stripping out the computer, however i have removed the psu. Do you guys know the turn around time on this as am without a computer & need it asap, sadly its a none standard psu so cant put in a spare. my system is well within the spec for this psu (only a HTPC with an athlon 2500+, Matrox G450, 512mb 1 hdd & a burner) Do you think CM will mail me out a psu before i send mine in, just to speed things up? i have mailed CM but am waiting for a reply. currently have no dvd/DiVX player or internet access without my computer