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  1. Here you can find all information about the lcd.(sorry only in german) it´s an 320*240 Glcd.... I use as software DEZD, it´s great. the display can show system informations, wheater, watch(digital, analog), news(, winamp, motherboard info, email, network informations, pics, ebay(your account with all information), icq, msn messanger, irc chat, emule, datebook, traffic info, aldi infos. you can use it as TV.. video player and movie player. Sub-Zero
  2. Some pics, but bad quality! I promise better pics later! The borders are not 100% perfect mounted, no time....later Note the Carbon among the borders. Some kind of "magic" stuff is behind the carbon, but I will not unveil it, not yet... Sub-Zero
  3. Hi, finally I received my Chrom-Borders the way I wanted them! Just perfect! brilliance Later more pics. Sub-Zero
  4. today i get my chipset cooler and ram cooler back from electrogalvanize(zinc). I wasn´t satisfied with the standard Aqua-Computer stuff and I´m still not satisfied, but i have to life with the imperfection. Sub-Zero
  5. Hi, i wanted to have chrom-plated alu-borders. my father´s friend said he knows somebody who can do that. Ok, i gave him the borders and received them january back. I was shocked! they don´t were chrom-plated, they were powder-coated!!!!!!! it looked worser than before. I asked me what i should do! I´ve spoken with a galvaniser and he said i have to remove the powder-coat for chrome-plating! :duh: I´found one company in germany which can do that with soda-blast. I´ve send the borders to them and the boss of the company said he can chrom-plate me the borders. ok, this was 5 weeks ago and thursday i wrote him a letter if the borders are finish. Of course they aren´t! but today he send me a pic of my borders. They are now high gloss polished and ready to be chrome-plated. It will take 6 weeks! normal status: powder-coated high gloss polished (now) Sub-Zero
  6. it´s the flash! this is my mobile phone cam. sorry for the quality but my old digicam isn´t better i don´t want to buy a new one.
  7. ... _spike.htm Here y can order them. don´t know if the send it to Canda.
  8. hi, today i´ve got some new watercooling stuff from Aqua-Computer. Aquadrive dual Cuplex XT Twinplex Pro Chipset Ramplex The Ramplex and the Twinplex are going to be chrome-plated or nickel-plated. The two Alu-Borders on the right and left side of the tower are going to be chrome-plated too. I´ve send it with the german-post but the package didn´t received and they send it back to me. I´ve to try again. Later more Carbon will be mounted. Sub-Zero
  9. This way. On both side there are sticky tapes. Sub-Zero
  10. I think not very old, but here in germany "some" people wish to have the wall back!(not my opinion)
  11. Hi, i´ve bought some new case feet. here they are (i will use 4 of them). Sub-Zero
  12. @ knud // elessar ??? sorry i don´t know! maybe this can help you! Sub-Zero