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  1. I would just air cool the thing for now. The card is showing it's age either for Quadro line or consumer cards. I do Solid works and master cam for a living. I find that consumer cards work even better than Quadro's. They say there is room for error in some of the animations but I have never seen it myself. If everyone was so concerned about the error's then all the cad machines would be ECC memory. Getting a breathable case like the CM stackers and putting a window fan blowing directly on the card will do wonders for you. The CM stacker 810 has been released and is available for X-mas. There are fans out there that you can research for high performance "even in some threads here". WCing is open to various opinions. I will let you know before I started Vapor cooling my WCing rig was aroung 900 bucks:(. So, it is my opinion before you start WCing, you research it to the infanant degree. PS: there are many improvements the system could use before WCing is and issue. AMD and memory. which one is your weakest link? Like that hasnt been run over by a steam roller uh 100 times.
  2. I was going to seperate the rack in two sections. Top: I will do an inclosed insulated sealed cabnet. Bottom I will put the compressors. Thanks for the advice. The modding a 60's 70's main frame is hilarious!! Nice.
  3. My father was getting rid of some server racks and I was able to sell 2 of them for the company I work for. After the deal was done he made me an offer of one of these racks http://cgi.ebay.com/42u-Compaq-9142-Ser ... otohosting and a 3000 watt UPS with 2 full shelves for 100 bucks. I jumped on it as fast as i could. Was thinking that if I would build a cascade system or something in thoughs lines this would give me more room than anything out there. Problem is there is really no options for componets. Everything would be custom. This thing looks rediculious setting in my puter room. Is this just to far. Or would other people think this option could be worth it. I think along the lines of future proofing and this product would fit anything that is to come. Eq
  4. I would hate to see another arguement about value ram over high performance so I will just say that Giel has a new BH-5 chip that is hand picked and runs 3.8v. Name is Geil BH-5 ONE. For 1 gigs here is a link and the 512 stick. GeIL ONE BH (W) PC3200 (1,5-2-2-5-1T) PC4000 (2-2-2-5-1T) @2.55V-3.80V --chip--> New BH5 ~ Brainpower PCB http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc.php?id=30580
  5. the 22nd or a little after I think. It's posted by 1 of the mods^
  6. Yep. Had to steal your Avatar too;)
  7. This is a site that has ALL the ram available along with the timing's. If the timing is a 1T it will state it in the timing list. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/sho ... hp?t=50010 PS: its always updated.
  8. Science says 30fps for you eyes to not see a difference. I play CS:S though. Many peeps go way overboard in that saying you need 300fps. I think it depends on the person. People like Fatal1ty I would expect he could see a difference in 100fps to 60fps. The big deal is when alot of action is going on or your flying in BF2 you need it. A way to prove performance is take the colt in CS:S and fire it off and time how long it takes to empty the clip with 25fps. Then do it with 150fps. There is a difference. That would be important if that last bullet would have killed the guy!
  9. The link you sent is hilarious. I dont know if you ment it to be funny but he says all his ram runs on T1 timings. I mean you dont find that funny. Please go to DFI-street and see the 40,000 threads that ask why I dont boot. "Dfi is the only board I know that defaults to T1". If you would like sites to confirm any information on ram you should go to the manufacture. BTW I run 1.5-2-2-5 True T1 timings and 3.5v. Not one of his test include windbonds BH5 chip. After reading his T1 timings I gotta research that. I keep on looking to make sure im reading it right. I could be wrong but I dont think so. I promise you it is very important to buy good ram. It's not such a fluctuation in price for no reason. Also every frame is important to me. You may find 10fps not worth it. http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/ http://forums.mushkin.com/phpbb2/index. ... 836267cba2 Test 1: Super budget crucial PC2100 ram Henceforth refered to as “old ramâ€
  10. Equinox


    You could put a more powerful fan on the unit. For some reason I think I remember the hyper 6 has an odd sized fan. The hyper 6 won the MaxPC's best cooler BTW:) good luck and these moderators have some of the best service for coolermasterUSA. I dont know if they can RMA to europe but they can put you on the right track fo sure!
  11. Why? Why watercool the ram? RAM is the bottleneck of the AMD machines for OCing. What limits the BH5 is voltage. All the new BH5 ram needs active cooling. So, in other words. Having shitty ram while OCing is like doing a dogsled race in on a concrete freeway. No matter how good your dogs are you will never get them up to speed because the sled is dragging :). To get higher voltage you need better cooling. The new OCZ is rated at 3.6v. My redline is only 3.5v, even though it's seen 3.6v. As for cooling the mosfet. When you bring the volts twice as high as the proc there is room for major voltage destablization. without good cooling to the mosfet there is a high probability that your ram will start to crash the machine at high OCing. Componet cooling that improves stability in order 1st CPU 2nd RAM 3rd Vid card 4th mosfet "northbridge for intel, Haha; sucker" 5th chipset HEAT IS THE ENEMY!!! IS'T NEVER FAST OR COLD ENOUGH!!!
  12. Just checkin to see if the 38mm thick fan fits the 830. Looking to put a 120mm X 38mm in the side panel.
  13. Mosfet is easy however please someone send me a link to the ram blocks. Ive seen the CAD.DWG of some ram blocks but havent seen an actual block. The DWG's I saw would only allow 2 sticks in dual channel. The block is to thick for dimms right next to each other.