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  1. It is possible to remove the metal ring that holds the spring in place with a flat head screw driver. But you shouldn't have to. Have you contacted Cooler Master support and where are you located?
  2. To jump-start the you don't need to open the power switch. On your mb you will see a connector labeled POWER SW, once you have removed the POWER SW there will be 2 pins exposed. You can touched these 2 pins with any paper clip of metal object like a flat head screw driver. This should start your system. If the system continued to same issue, then you may want to look at the motherboard and psu.
  3. Have you tried to remove the power switch connecter from the case to the motherboard and try to start the system by shorting the 2 pins exposed when the power switch connector is removed? If the system boots and stays on then the power switch is bad.
  4. Hi big_iceman, Welcome to the community. The instruction for this installation can be found starting on page 13 of the manual. You will need to remove the top 2 panels, once removed you will be able to view the mounting holes for the fan. Instructions can also be found on our knowledge base.
  5. Hi Epic_win30, Welcome to the community. The QuickFire TK blue switch hasn't been discontinued, but it is most likely out of stock at the retailers. Once it is in stock, the keyboard should be made available for purchase again. Thanks again for your inquiry.
  6. The Elite 130 supports a GPU size of up to 343mm / 13.5in. According the the specs of this card, it is 247mm x 112mm. It should fit as CM Felinni mentioned.
  7. HI Lucian, Welcome to the community, the Eisberg Pretige 240L comes pre-filled and is ready to be used.
  8. Difference RR-910-HTX3-GP: Metal wire used to mount the fans RR-910-HTX3-G1: Replaced metal wire with plastic fan clips to mount the fan
  9. Hi dvd8699, Welcome to the community. The Max GPU/PCI Card Length is (355mm / 14 in) for the N200 chassis.
  10. I just checked and looks like the stock has been updated.
  11. When did you send it in? It usually takes 8-10 weeks before you receive your rebate.
  12. Would you be able to upload the image of the box and of the cooler?
  13. It looks like you have the CM 690 chassis. In the back near the I/O of the motherboard, there should be a barcode sticker displaying the serial number. In that serial number you may see a serial number starting with RC690KKN1************. (* representing numbers). Try searching for RC-690-KKN1 and you should find plenty of images of this chassis.
  14. Yes, it is compatible and uses the green tip that comes with the NA 65.
  15. Initially it was, but now it has all been changed over to the direct internal 19 pin connector to the motherboard.