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  1. my temps were from 50 to 65 C ... and i added clear tubing so then i can see the pumping of the water. it seems that the liquid doesnt pump
  2. My waterpump wont pump need help and tips on why its not pumping. It only seems to pump the liquid when my Chassis is Laying down and if the Radiator is in a certian position. And according to the pump direction in CoolerMasters pictures, my pump is pumping in the opposite direction, need help and tips anything would be great thanx.
  3. hey, nice setup, i have the same thing,, when i have it the other way for sum reason the pump wont pump the liquid, while the Chassis is up and the pump is tilted just like in ur picture. I was wondering if you had any problems simlar to that setup. I changed my tubing to clear tubs just for a lil' bling. Need help so w/e comments is kool or replys, on why the pump doesnt pump while chassis is standing right side up. Only pumps while the chassis is laying down along with the rest of the equipment. thanx