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  1. TPS-L2
  2. TPS-L2

    It´s time for another update: In the last days we continued the painting process of the Awesome Mixtape.... As next we prepared everything so that we could mount the small Speakers from the Logitech sound system inside our Earpieces... After that we prepared the holder for the earpieces which will connect them with the rest of the headphone.... As next we prepared the frame which will hold both earpieces.... For that we took a sheet of thin wood and cut it into stripes. Then we took the first strip and mounted it onto the edges of another sheet of wood which had the right widht so that we could use it as a spacer to keep the right shape during the next step. Then we took all those other wood strips and glued them layer by layer on the bended ground layer. After that we fixed everything with a few clamps and let it dry till the other day.... Beside that we also painted the first parts of the earpieces...and finished the work on the Tape... We also started to assemble the headphone but it will take another few days to really finish it....(gladly this isn´t a part of the main Concept so it hasn´t to be finished within the contest) But for the Contest, our Time was now over so we had to take a few final pics.....more pics.....the last work on the Headphone and another video will follow.....
  3. TPS-L2

    Next Update: We prepared the Tape for the painting process... then we finished the painting process of the Fan Grills....and mounted them for a quick test on the radiator.... We also painted the giant headphone plug with a first layer of laquer... Beside that we also started the work on the Headphone itself. For that we grabbed the router and cut out a few pieces of wood from which we are going to build the speaker part of the headphones As speaker we´re going to recycle an old logitech sound system which we already took apart... and we already integrated the speaker in our headphones.....
  4. TPS-L2

    As next we build 2 mounting brackets for our Tape, the brackets will be mounted inside the sidepanel so that we could slide in the tape while the Sidepanel is open and still be able to close the sidepanel with the tape inside.... Beside that we prepared & printed a few fan grills to cover the open side of the Radiator.... And we also added the last letterings to the sidepanel ....
  5. TPS-L2

    Today we have a bunch of smaller Updates.... First....we gave the GPU a nice little silver accent... Then we prepared the electronics for the Walkman functions so that we also could prepare the cables for those parts..... After that we mounted the Front so that we could connect the volume slider with the belt system behind the front.... Then we mounted the GPU inside the Case.... and we mounted the sidepanels.... Beside that we started to build a Tape for our Walkman....
  6. TPS-L2

    Time for the next Update: As next step we mounted the first hardware components so that we could decide in which way to route the cables and also prepare the first bendings on the watercooling tubes.... We also add the inscribing on Front & Top of the Case so that only the letterings on the sidepanel is missing.... Then we fill the WC Loop with coolant for a quick leak test...and installed the LED Panel...
  7. TPS-L2

    Time for the next Update: At first a small video of the last metal works on the top and a short test of the motorized Sidepanel.... As next we started to bring some light into the darkness.... So we grabbed a piece of plastic and made a few cuts so that we got a first layer of a bottom plate. After that we took a string of WS2812 LEDs and cutted it into pieces, which we placed on the bottom plate.... After that we prepared the connections to the arduino which will run the animations on the strip (the arduino will be connected to one of the internal USB Headers on the motherboards so that we can run more difficult animations directly from the PC) And then we made a first test..... As next we cut out a layer of plexiglas with the same size like the bottom layer and covered one side with mirror foil. This 2nd layer will be placed over the LEDs so that they are not visible while their turned off.... Here are another few pics from the Test and also a short video....
  8. TPS-L2

    It´s time for an Update: Our next steps was that we had to create a mounting bracket for 2 buttos which can be mounted on Top of the Case. They will be used to switch between the Tracks of the Awesome Mix and the whole thing will be placed behind the FWD / RWD Buttons... Beside, we finished the work on the Volume Sliders so that those parts can be painted... And we also made a mounting bracket for the REC button on top of the case last but not least we made the final preparations so that we could start the painting process....
  9. TPS-L2

    As next we started to build a mounting bracket for a motor which we will use to open and close the sidepanel. We also prepared a linkage between the motor and the´s not finished....but you can see where we plan to place the motor.... After that prepared a small belt system on which we will mount the sliders for the Volume Control.... As next we put everything back together so that we could overwork the last spots before we could start the painting process.... So we also had to prepare the backside of the case...we still needed a big hole through that we could route all the needed external cables... And we had to put the Mic Cover in it´s place....
  10. TPS-L2

    As next we switched over to the Front again and begin to close the open spot on the Topside of the Front. For that we grabbed a piece of aluminum and transfered the outline of the front to the sheet so that we could cut it out. After cutting the piece out we made a few quick bendings so that we could attach the part to the rest of the front. Beside that we mounted the new Top on the Sidepanel so that we could adjust everything. we also added another square tube to the top so that we gain more space on which the top can lay on when it is closed. And with the Top in place we could take all the measures we need to cut the new backside for the Case. After cutting it out we already started to integrate small openings to bring in a bit of fresh air..... We also drilled the last hole into the front. It´s needed for the 3V Power Plug.... And we made the cutouts in the Top Part which are needed for the Rec Button and the Headphone Plugs.....
  11. TPS-L2

    As next we filled all those little spots around the rivets with a bit of bondo so that you won´t see that the front is builded from several pieces After that we continued the work on the volume sliders. For them we still needed another piece of metal which we could mount a few millimeter behind the rest of the Front. Last but not least we riveted the bottom plate and the hinge for the sidepanel to the case so that we could fill all those rivet holes as well....
  12. TPS-L2

    Here comes the next update: After cutting all those holes into the Front....we switched over and started to fill the openings with custom made pieces. The first one was the piece for the opening right next to the should house Play / FWD & RWD Buttons. So we cut out a piece of metal´and made 2 quick bendings so that we could attach it to the rest of the front Beside that we already prepared a first piece for the Headphones....but more to that will follow later......
  13. TPS-L2

    As next we started to build a new Front for the case. At first we cut out 2 stripes of aluminum, which we bend into the right shape.... As next we riveted both parts together with a square tube between both parts.... After that we made the first cutouts ....
  14. TPS-L2

    Again we have something new for you: First we finished the work on the first sidepanel and mounted it on the case... After that we cut out the second sidepanel, which was done pretty quick because it´s just a rectangle..... Then we started to stretch our build a little bit so that the get in the right scale compared to the walkman. Therefor we prepared everything and cutted the new top panel out so that we could start to bend it into the right shape.... Beside that we prepared the 3d printed Walkman logos for the painting process so that we could change their color..... We also prepared the electronics which we´re going to use for the Walkman functions.....
  15. TPS-L2

    After finishing the work on the new bottom, we switched over to the new backside of the case. There we had a few edges which had to be cutted away so that we can mount a hinge for the sidepanel on that corner.... Then we cut out our new sidepanel and prepared everything so that we can mount it on the case... Here is a short video from the first Hardware test..... and a video from the metal works on the bottom of the case and the sidepanel.....