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  1. 1 guy did use a second rad but it was a 120 x 120 on a augagate . the only way i can think of it pushing thru them rads is by eliminating the rad inside the unit itself ... and open the barbs from 1/4,or 3/8 inch to 1/2 inch barbs ...

  2. i read a big thing on heat pipes and it said for best results it is best to have in a verticle stand . not just because heat rises but it allows the wick inside to work more effecinetly .. but it can be used in a horizontal position

  3. i do understand what you are saying , again heat pipes work best in a Verticle way not horizontal . now unless you want to lay your case on its side you are resticted to how you can place the hsf for the maximum cooling . wwhat are your current temps ? and what were they in the 2 pictures ? adjust the Hsf to what gave you better results .....

  4. well with heat pipes they work more effeicently when they are goin upwards not side ways ... and that goes for any type of hsf with heat pipes .. in the first image you have the hyper 6 blowing into the fins then out towards an exhaust fan . you can even make that an intake and put the fan on the hyper 6 to blow from that fan into the hs so its constantly getting cool fresh air there are 4 different ways on placing it each one will give you a different result . the only thing you can do is try em all and see what way works best .......

  5. yes that be it , nothing but Mb hooked up , video card ( if applicable ) , and just the power switch ( no reset speaker or lights ) that is it ....... nothing else hooked up at all including hdd's ribbons ide and sata to the mb ... http://www.coolermaster.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=4555&highlight=poof it is relativly safe . i dont use a paper clip i use a wire stripped at both ends bout 1/4 inch back and twisted on both ends .. but that is what i was talking bout ..

  6. are you absolutly sure you got the switch wired right ? good mem bad mem it will still power up you are right . corsair was also right your mb will automactically declock the memory to what you have it set at ... have you tried the psu just connected to the mb nothing else ? there is a way to see if the psu is dead .... here is a tutorial on how to run the psu with out a power switch ( the psu will need to be un hook from the comp NOTHING hook up to the Mb or drives ) but it will need to have the main power plug hooked up ... scroll to towards the bottom on a how to

  7. what ae your system specs ? the 550 comes with a 12volt power connector for the cpu and a 8 pin EPS server connection . the 4 pin 12volt mb connector has 2 yellow wires and 2 black wires and normally gets connected near the cpu socket . if you dont have the 4 pin 12 volt connector ( or if your board uses the 8 pin eps connector ) hooked up your comp will not turn on ...

  8. the hdd light should only light up when hdd is in use and when it is in use not not goin to be bright because of the itermitting pulse of power being fed to it .. now for the power led . you got 2 choices 1) use a white water based paint a lightly cover the top of the led with it to soften the glow ( you can use black ) , or 2 ) you could try and replace the led itself ..

  9. you could have the panal glass beaded ( similar to sand blasting but not as abrasive ) but it costs a lot to do ... you could also have used a Primer paint that covers any color ( Kilz primer ) then wet sanded that then re primer ( to give it that glass like feel ) then use a 400 or a 600 wet then painted that . then while the paint is dry to the touch but green ( not 100% dry ) use a clear coat ( i found out the 1$ walmart brand is pretty good )