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  1. i agree with bod on this . I myself i tend to look at a case in several ways 1) does perform better then the original ( as far as cooling and housing parts ) 2) is it practical ( to the point where changing a Computer part or parts is a complete nightmare ) 3) last but not least how well did you the modder incorperate your mod together

  2. as far as volts is it ok ? now there are other ways to see if the psu is failing but its not by volt checking or anything like that ... but it will require some time and patience . temps will increase on several items like cpu video card and north bridge ( normally they all go , if it is just 1 thing then that is a cooler issue not psu ) random crashing playing a game or doin heavy work loads ( normally asscoiated with overheating as well )

  3. just out of curiousity i never even heard of a 1.5 volt from the psu it has 3.3 volts Orange , 5 volts Red , 12 volts yellow the blue wire is the 5 volt Standby and the green wire is the shorting wire for it to be turned on . 1.5 is Mb specific for either Nb or Pci-e so those will fluctuate as time goes on . it is not un common to see your Mb to supply 2.1 volts to memory when you have it set at 2.2 volts and have the cpu voltage droop from 1.3 to 1.2 now the only proper way to test a psu is by removing it from the Case plugging it in to house power WITH OUT it being connected to any component of the computer and jumping the Green wire to a ground allowing it to run and then test each individual wire ( Mainly the Red wire which is 5 volts , the Yellow wire Which is 12 volts the Orange wire which is 3.3 volts and the Blue wire which is the 5 volt stand by ) anything smaller then those listed are Mb "SPECIFIC" as the Main Board makes that to power the rest of the components and it will Fluctuate ( or better known as Droop by us Overclockers )

  4. glad it worked out for you . as a rule of thumb first reset cmos by unplugging the machine from main power remove the battery and then jump the clear cmos jumper wait 2 mins reset everything and then go from there if no boot start with memory , if you have other systems to test it on do that if go then try video card , then to cpu ..... process of elimination

  5. As the title staes i am impressed , what am i impressed with well thats the Hyper 6+ cpu cooler is what . and y well lets say it rivals my Danger Den Rbx block ( it rivals it doesnt quite beat it tho ) so i would like to add Great Job CoolMaster great product :twisted:

  6. what specs are that?

    1.1ghz celeron


    now you see why I need a new comp.

    just waiting for reviews on asus nforce 590 intel before I get a conroe E6600

    I'll be back to this thread when I get it running :wink:

    Dont go 570 or 590 if you want a good board go Msi 975x or dfi 975x i owned a asus 570 p5nsli mb and it wasnt worth a darn my evga Smoked it . I am now running a Msi 975x Platinum Power Up mb and this thing freaking rocks . my overclock dropped from 4.2 to 3.7 :evil: tho but only because my memory sux . ( samsung 533 ) my ocz crapped out so i had to rma it ....

  7. Hello everyone , i got a simple question . Does the hyper 6+ properly fit on a Amd A64 Cpu with out the IHs ( The Ihs Has been removed On the cpu itself ) or does it require some modifications ? Just for info sake I am looking at My hyper 6+ HSf right now ............. any Info be helpful .