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  1. just remember a couple of mediocre 500 watters dont equal a good solid 750 - 1000 watt psu normally running a dual psu set up u have 1 aux and 1 primary the primary runs mb , video card only the aux runs hdds , cdroms , fans , controllers , lights , pumps . now there is another way where you can essentially tie in 2 psus an make 1 big one and this will allow it to hook up on the same curcuit as the other . ie. primary mb and hdds and a couple of fans , aux does cdroms and video cards plus a couple of fans

    i been pondering the dual psu thing myself

  2. ohhh no not that thing .... it telling me my system is underpowered .. something like 700 + watts . i realize i am seriously overclocked and running a seriously overclocked 8800gts but the good old trusty dunked twice in water ( yes its that one still ) still powers it perfectly ...

  3. after owning both of them my self and using both . the gemini does beat the hyper 6+ in quiteness to performance ratio but in order to use the full potential of the cooler it does perform better using 92 mm fans vs the 120's . the hyper 6+ imo will beat the geminiII in all out cooling capabilities but it is louder when the fan is ramped up to 100% .

  4. that could work but it in iteslf be a nightmare as well . mainly because theres so many different mb configurations its not even funny . unlike apple , hp , dell ( which are junk from the word go anyways ) cm has to attempt to accomidate many different boards . as i said earlier the other companyies have a standard configuration and lots of comps get built the same way ...

  5. i get a real power psu . as i stated earlier its rated on continuous wattage not its max so they will do 450 watts or 550 watts continuous . where as the extremems are maxed out @ 450 but thier continuous watts is 400 ... ( may not be exact but you get the gist .. and they are extremely quiet until you start loading one up beyond 300 watts ( i use 260 - 280 watts total @ 100 % utilization )

  6. where do i start ... LOL ... i would like to see CM get out of the quick DIY water cooling set ups ( the auqagate series and the mini's , and the vivos etc. etc. ) and get into component cooling , Cpu blocks , rads , gpu blocks , north bridges . ( but not them small tubing types either but the 1/2 inch barbs ) them quick and easy setups are nice but dont have the performance ratio to a good component water cooling . also build smaller cpu coolers ( the hyper 6 and the gemini are great coolers but their HUGE ...) maybe something in between but with the same performance as gemini II / hyper 6 . A single railed Power supply , have both multi railed and single railed psu ( same wattage and same power ) better north bridge coolers , also vga coolers ones that pull air from the case and blows to the rear of the case ( similar to artics silencers but of coarse better ) add 4 - 6 heat pipes to em as well ( depending on the type of card its fitting ) ... these are my suggestions :D

  7. are you makeing a new hole or increasing an existing hole ? put the 7/64" Drill Bit in one of the holes on the fan ( mounting ) and if it is a lil tight it be ok if it is a lil loose may need a bigger one . a jig saw personally be a better choice cutting such a large hole in metal . but when using the hle saw remember not to use a lot of force just the wieght of the drill motor and flat as possible . ( you will see how its cutting accomidate for this ) also NOTE you cannot use a hole saw to increase an exsiting hole that has to be cut with a jigsaw or dremel , a hole saw is only ment for new holes .. TIP : when using a hole saw put a peice of wood behind what you are cutting this will keep burs and drill bit kickin to a minimum ...

  8. reformat the drive . then retry it .. the files got corrupted because as you know you unhooked it before the Hdd could goto park mode . now if that doesnt work ( as it doesnt allways ) locate the companies website find a low level formatting utility and then perform a low level format ( it wipes 0's to the drive destroying any all data NON RECOVERABLE ) and then the drive is exactly the same way as you bought it ... and will require you redo a partition with windows yadda yadda yadda .. ( this is a last resort as professionals only do this method to rid virsus that linger after a High level format ( Window formatting is high level and DOESNT get rid of all data ... dont get the 2 confused )

    btw i should mention if you do plan on low level word of advice remove the hdd from the external case UNHOOK all other HDD's and only have that drive hooked up on the mb because as it happened to me i low leveled the wrong drive ( i use western digital drives ) and wiped out the wrong disc which can be flustrating and has a tendancy to seriously irritate you ....

  9. the gemini isnt tall to its counterpart hsfs ( it just barely taller then a normal video card with the 25mm high 120's mounted on it ) . if you chassis can handle a full sized mb then it can handle this cooler .

    its kinda heavy for no back plate dont ja' think? lol lets see them pics

    i will be getting some pics up shortly ... and its not really heavy but my personal preference says use a back plate , and experience . as i mention if you have one use if not this cooler will still work with out one ...