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  1. sounds like its a lil tight on the board ... cuasing warpage .... reseat it to the mb . you may wanna try placing 3 - 4 pea sized drops of Thermal paste near the center of the cpu ( between the center and the edges ) . dont spread it evenly because the IHS on the intels are not flat

  2. for the tx it is possible but requires a lil modding to the plug from the aerogate 2 . why do you want to control the fan on the 2600 ? you can do this thru rivatuner . the fan speed anyways .. heres a tutorial on how to ..

    Here scroll to bout the middle portion of the tutorial .

  3. build a unit that houses rads and pumps run the hoses thru the case . i am currently working on a project similar to this but my rad box will be mounted to thae case on the bottom but also look like the case as well ..

  4. Two 8-pin PCI-Express connectors and two 6-pin PCI-Express connectors. These are spread out over two cables like the one shown below; the top connector is the 8-pin and the bottom is the 6-pin.

    yes you are correct but i belive the purpose of the psu ( as most the RP's are ) sli capable or crossfire capable @ 750 watts rating ( continuous ) maxing @ round 825 - 850 watts is more then capable of handling such a task . it may require some fiddling with the cables ( put one 6 pin connector on #1 card and the 8 pin on card 2 then put the other cable as 8 pin on card 1 and 6 pin on card 2 ) to evenly distribute the amps , if your card has 2 Pci-e connectors . but depending on type of card's he is running if its a ultra or 2900 Xt i would recomend the 850 watter , again i think the 750 be more then capable

    edit: just to add that listing i dont think has been updated latly as the 750 and a couple others from cm are fairly new ...

  5. on a review i just got thru reading it has 2 x 6 pin pci-e and 2 x 8 pin pci-e plugs . this psu i believe will power twin 2900's easily enough as it falls under ATI's quidlines for crossfire 750 watt psu , 4 x 6 pin plugs ( 2 x 4 pin + 2 x 8 pin recommended ) . i do know cm power supplies are good and not a elcheapo i do believe it can power a couple of gtx's if you can convert the 2 8 pin pci-e's to a couple of 6 pin pci-e's ...

  6. CM says it is not really needed and it meets Intels requirements for mounting .i used one on my geminiII and it performed better with it then without one.. there would only a few reasons why the gemini would cool properly 1) bad air flow or restrictive airflow in side the case . 2) the board is actually warped causing the cooler to only hit the outer edges of the CPU IHS ( over tightened screws causes this ) . 3) Thermal paste not properly applied , 4) the Heat sink isnt on flat the cooler is cock eyed on the cpu IHS ( one side of the Cooler is tighter then the other side ). the retention plate helps alleviate #2 and part of #3 reason . now if you feel the gemini isnt cooling properly and you want a different cooler the only one i would recommend is the Hyper 6+ ( from what i used , i used a bunch of coolers so far the 2 best ones are geminiII and the hyper 6+ for air cooling )

  7. hmm . are u running the case open or closed ? and is the cooler getting enough clean airflow ? when i apply my silicone based thermal grease i put 5 eaqual sixed drops on the entire ihs ( it is fairly thick at start but once i tighten down the coolers it spreads out evenly and over the sides .. another question are you using a retention modual ?

  8. nope . this would be user . set the fans to blow air thru the cooler .the intel cpu's are kinda finiky when it comes to thermal paste , a good idea is to place a half sized pea droplet right in the middle of the IHS of the cpu yo may want to possibly add four more smaller droplets halfway between the middle to the corners of the IHS , NOTE : you dont have to ( i had to do this because the IHS isnt flat and this allowed the TIM to spread more evenly ) then mount the cooler to the board but make sure you dont over tighten it and this will warp the board causing the cooler only to cool the outer edges of the cpu . when tightening the cooler , start on one corner , screw the nut just till it hits the board , on the oppisite corner ( diagonal ) repeat , then move to the same side corner repeat , then diagonal corner repeat after this is done then start back on the first screw retighten to snug Repeat same procedure again .. making sure the board isnt getting warped if it is then loosen retry .. ( this isnt just for this cooler this procedure should be fallowed on all coolers ..... )

  9. just for info sake i know a few peoples used a 7200 sata 2 and gotten a raptor 10 k sata 1 . and they all said the raptor absolutly whoops BOOTY ... keep in mind its not only the spin rate its the seek time a 4 ms vs 8.8 ms ( average )