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  1. i would lose the psu , for hdds i would ask a very simple question is 400 gig main really needed ? if it was me i go 2 x 120 raid 0 and a 400 gig back up the raptors are fast and all but not worth the money . for cooling i am still partial to the geminiII for air . lose 1 dvd drive ( not really needed because on the fly burning is nearly impossible to do anymore . and still have to use your hdd as a medium to burn a back up movie . and good memory isnt that much a set of ocz reapers 2gigs dual channle mem runs 100 bones in the us

  2. adjust airflow to blow across em . even goin water cooling you still need ample air flow round the cards and the coolers rad because you have power moduals that need to be cooled by eliminating the air flow they have been getting they will get even hotter ..... you cant allways assume water cooling is the next choice if you cant control your temps with air ... so my opinion is this . fix your current problem with air flow first drop the temps down on the cards with current cooling ( the zalmans ) . suggestions on how to do so , remove side panal , place a house fan a few feet from comp to blow air into the case . watch temps . and to claim your temp dont decrease is BS because i know better then that .... also you may wanna try cleaning the coolers and fans on all components ...

  3. I love this case . it is very well built . and i had absolutly no issues installing any one of my parts in this case ( how in World could you its FREAKING huge ) the only issue i have is cable management . my Psu has a Boat load of wires . i need to find me a fan controller that has more then 4 fan controls ( at least it clear up some of the clutter ... ) as for hdds getting a lil warm , have you considered placing a fan on the out side of the hdd bays on the grid portion ? ... see Here

  4. well we have a Stacker Picture Post i figured lets do one for the Newest addition ( but just as awesome , IMO better ) The Cosmos ....

    Heres my pics , I cant use one of the side panals until i get a dual 120 rad and a internal res / pump combo ( which will have to be built )Please excuse the mess ..





  5. well that idea is one of the best ideas yet . i bilt a case that did exactly that draw air from bottom of the case and even tho i couldnt monitor its temps i can say it did however ran better and my rails stayed more consisitant then having it vent case air ..

  6. well hopefully in a few days i be ordering me one :twisted: its was between the stacker 830 series or the cosmos . i decided the cosmos because it is such a Freaking SEXY case .... and yes unfortunetly it will have to be some what modded to accomidate my personal taste ...

    will this fit tuniq tower 120 and 8800gt?

    i dont think you will have a problem . i running a HD2900Xt in a Centurion case that i inverted the mb plate on it and that card fits perfectly ... as far as the uniq tower again i dont think you should have a issue .

  7. I've run into problems like that too. I really wish all the case and motherboard makers would get together and decide on a standard and stick to it.

    For example - front panel audio/USB/Firewire connectors which have separate connectors for each pin instead of a one piece block like some other case makers use.

    If you have big fingers like me, it can be a real pain to connect all the individual connectors to the pins.

    some do try to accomidate . but others dont realy care and want to fallow what they want ... which inturns confuses everyone one else ... so companies try to accomidate but to save time money and resoarces its easier to make something fit the majority .. not the minority ...

  8. just for info sake the asux boards are different from the other manus . they still have the old style set up the power led . that is 3 but center isnt used while other manus just use the 2 pin style .. there is an adapter that will go from 2 pin style to a 3 pin style ...

  9. i used a back plate on my geminiII . i ended up buying a cheap cooler that had one and used it . . you will have to purchase machine screws ,nuts and orings. to make it work .. heres a guide to help aide u HERE i used the hyper 6 + but the same technique . use 3/4 inch machine screws ( #6 x 36 ) and nuts to match ...