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    i used windex to keep my clean
  2. i dont why i just not crazy bout the front of it ... me as a modder myself . i can think of a few different ways to optimize a case to accomidate a broader spetrum and still keep the same look . I Absolutly Hate Front door cases but after seeing the Cosmos , I had absolutly had to have it .... Because in my Eyes Coolermaster Answered my prayers with that case . which was More room INSIDE .....
  3. try soap and water . but only go in the direction of the bushed part
  4. should have left it alone the 690 that is . and the cosmos as well . too many 5 1/2 bays . should call em mini stackers .
  5. cant wait to see how it looks with tri sli ... keep us posted ... i decided the silver was getting old . so i painted it . but not just any plain old paint . i used a mirage paint i am still working on the mod itself . but heres what it looking like so far ... front door 1 front door 2 ( these are just showing you how the paint reacts to light . ) Inner before http://www.geocities.com/dragonbenchmarking/S7300252.JPG inner after http://www.geocities.com/dragonbenchmarking/S7300255.JPG Top with tri 120 rad http://www.geocities.com/dragonbenchmarking/S7300267.JPG
  6. it can go both ways either expensive or time consuming . first you need to open up the side panal with a 120 fan with it blowing partly across the video card and giving the cpu area fresh air , secondly the fan on the back of the case ( by cpu ) will be needed to be opened up to either a 92 mm fan or have 2 80mm fans there . the front case fan will need to be a 120 mm . then finally ( optional but i highly recomend its use ) at least 1 120 fan be mounted up top , between the 5 1/2 bays and psu . it wouldnt be a quick one day mod and make it look good at the same time . unfortunetly the older cm cases just dont cut it for todays comp parts or coolers . if you using a amd xp cpu then it be ok . but to use a quad core 6600 b3 stepping ( this is the hot cpu BTW ) it just wont cut it ... theres only a few cases i would even consider most of which are cm cases . the cosmos , Cm 690 , stacker 810 and 830 . the wave master wouldnt be a total loss but be more like a weekend mod .
  7. i hate to say this but i say ditch the wavemaster and get a newer designed case . unless you are all set in keeping the current case but its goin to take a lot of work to accomidate the airflow needed .
  8. its more then capable to handle a 8800gt . i wouldnt have a doubt it could handle a 8800gtx in sli .. now if you really think a video card uses 26 amps to run it you are sadly mistaken . there talking bout system wide usage . the 6 pin pci-e gives 75watts of power 75/12 = 6.25 amps , the 8 pin pci-e is rated @ 150 watts 150/12 = 12.5 amps .
  9. try and contact the supplier you purchasd the psu from . and see if they may have a record for you . if purchase on line they should have a record for your purchase
  10. kinda a odd reason not to purchase a psu . when i go psu shopping its for stability and amperage wattage and its ability to handle em . not the sleeving . thats a bonus . a lot of times the sleeving will move round shortening it and such because of all the twisting and bending of the wires .
  11. i am purchasing a swifty 320 . and this mod has changed a bit . i didnt like how it was working out so i went with this design i will be doin the same design on the front portion as well as the back . ther side vents will be angled instead of the square look .
  12. the cages have 4 bolts on the bottom ( or side ) the hdd has 4 holes on the bottom as well , use the bolts that have a large top with a smooth shaft with threads on the end , line up the holes then use the approprate screws and tighten .
  13. there low flow fans . being the quietness of the cosmos . if mem servs me there bout 800 rpms . i ended up replacing mine with some 80cfm fans .
  14. hmmmm . so it works in other boards just not that one ? either rma the psu or replace the mb .
  15. theres no such a critter as an mb not bieng compatable to a PSU . it just doesnt happen how do i know this , 1 the psu doesnt require IRQ's from the mb . now have you tried the psu in a different board ? did you check all connections make sure all are tight and porperly install right ? did you run just the min ? ie. mb vid , ram , cpu and nothing else ? if no go did you remove the mb from case and try it that way ? if fallowing these troubleshooting procedures and thge psu still doesnt function properly i would contact Cm for a rma and explain to them what you did to verify the psu is bad .
  16. rma it . or just hook up essential items mb , video card then see if it powers up properly . if so hook up 1 item at a time .
  17. as all mods go we need a place to start . i am starting up at the top . ( since its removable and doesnt require me to disassemble the entire case . ) i plan on running a rad up top where the 2 120 fans are located on the Cosmos case , but i wont be running the standard fans that came with the case . i wanted a lil bit more exit air flow for those top fans . its a work in progress so please bare with me ... heres the top portion of the case that is easily removable . now what i ended up doin was remove the center portion out , cut it out with a razor knife . i placed it back on the case to give ya an idea on where the front fan is located at . these next few is the actual mod . i used a peice of plexiglass in place of the cut out i made in the top peice . with the 2 vents . currently all used is hot glue to hold into place to give me an idea on how it will look and to see if any other modifications are needed
  18. now this is goin to prove to be intersting . looks good all ready
  19. not to mention it may splinter if broke .
  20. the gt has an exposed core vs the gts/gtx has a ihs . the problem with the gts/gtx is the fact because of the ihs you need more surface area to cover the core itself . for overheating reason for that is because is how nvidia set the fan on it . you can manually set it to a higher percentage ( at a cost of noise ) to cool it better . but in actuality it runs cooler then the gts gtx because of the die shrink and its exposed core ...
  21. hmmm . that maybe pushing it running both . the 8800gt i do believe have the same layout as a x1900/x1950 7900gtx cards , on the bolt pattern . but i do think it should be able to cool that card . look for a Aquagate Viva