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  1. I love your case ferry .But i have to be a little of an :) here. That being said if you look closely at the rules you will not qualify for the 3rd round. I hope I'm wrong.

    As with any case mods that can be changed , Now if it cant be then it is just as easily to mod out a whole new case that Cm provides you with and use there parts :twisted: . I cant believe that castle case beat you ferry , the judges should have their heads examined for that judgement .theres more to this but my brain just isnt working at the moment :roll:

  2. hmmm well like hyl768s said when u get artifacts means its oc'ed too much , now my question is this , Psu r like starters for cars even tho they maybe new doesnt mean they be 100% working order thats why companies like Cooler master has a rma so they can get a defaulted item and try to determine what exactly went wrong . on 90% of the Psu's i have delt with ( and i been building comps for bout 8 yrs now so that makes it a lot ) before they start to go bad they will get ur components hot , undervolting them . and 450 watt Psu should be more then enough power to run a 6800 oc , an amd 3700 sound blaster live audigy and over clock the living crap out of them components , also you mentioned not to Oc ur cpu 1.5 + more volts on air , now having you said this i can assume you are water cooling correct ? and if so is the Pump running off the Psu ? bc if that is true most pumps draw a lot of power to run , so with a 450 watt Psu and running the bove system with water cooling running off it then it could be giving you some issues .

  3. Water wetter , antifreeze , or some prestone super anti rust additive for the water cooling ( my bro uses small amounts on his wawa set up and no issues ) main thing is to experiment with different ways of setting up your water for the comp also if may not be just the water it could be the rad not big enough ( area wise ) , basically if your house is fairly warm well then you may need a larger rad . or you not pumping enough or too much water thru the system , some systems are designed for high flow some are setup to do low flow and if you got em mixed up that could also give ya bad resluts ... lot to consider for water cooling but if properly set up and done right can result in a rewarding experience ....

  4. well you could put on adjustable caps on the outside to adjust the voltages ... and also put a voltage meter somewhere on it or put it where the user could put it on the front , not so much as how much wattage u r using but what ur current volts are at ... as far as cooling the Psu you could use a copper Heat sinks for the mosfets and other components that need to be cooled with a good moderate cooling fan(s) blowing air across it , And also put an access plate to allow us the user to dust the Psu out ... Now if you really need more cooling then that i would start looking into whats causing ur Psu to get so darn hot , and maybe clean it once in a while it needs it just like ur cpu / gpu hsf's do ,

  5. Thx they are painted LOL .... they are the main color of the case Tan ( including the casing thats in the case ) i just didnt want to show you the mess i have in there right now ... i been comtiplating if i should carry the green and the dark brown into it , now i think i should

  6. well I finally got 90 % of my case painted and all finished modded out :twisted: this is the closes i been in a long time , all theres really left to do is finsh the inside , get a new piece of plexy for the top cut out both peices of plexi for 80 mm light up fans ....

    Pic 1

    Pic 2

    Pic 3

  7. Has anyone ever completly torn apart a Case fan ? reason why i ask is i can tear em down including removing the motor from the housing .. now as i allways do i got curious hmmmmm , is it remotely possible to rewind the actual motor ? using a thicker guage wire ? or is it one of projects i just have to learn on my own .....

  8. hmmm ok i been using a 5 peice hsf from a sapphire 9700 pro on a 5700 ultra ( yea it was difficult to mount it ) but it didnt do too bad got my clocks from 425 to 525 on the core , i like the look of it personally ( loads better in looks then a zalman and that huge fan they use ( gotty looking ) ) and was wondering if it was worth the price of it .... if i were to use it tho the first thing is to strip off the blue Anodizing and resurface all parts that come into contact ....

  9. setting ram latencies is a hit and miss thing .. normally it is best to set it at what the manufacturer of the ram has it ... but it also greatly depends on the Mb / cpu / os can handle ... you can try to set it lower 2,2,2,7 at 1t or 2,3,3,6 @ 2t etc. etc. , but before tightening the ram up even more find out where the clear cmos is located bc if it doesnt work you goin to have to clear the cmos ..... just start playing round with it , and set it at what works best ....

  10. well from the looks of it , its just basically an air wall to flood an entire area with air ... i bet it do great if used where the intake side of the fan was sucking in air while blowing across ur components :twisted: but as a modder i learned one thing for every fan you have pointing in it is best to have the same amount pointing out ( as way as cfm air flow matched ) but as usual it greatly depends on how you set it up and how your system is ( whats bad for one doesnt mean its bad for all )

  11. as with any type of fan , how much noise u wanna deal with LOL ... the more airflow CFM the louder it is , CM fans should do ur case just perfectly , but look at the selections pay attention to 2 things 1 ) decebles 2 ) max airflow or CFM ... normally a 80 does 20 - 35 cfm , 92 round 35 - 50 , and a 120 50 - 80 cfm bout 2500 - 3500 rpms ....