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  1. hmmm couldnt you change out to 1/4 inch barbs on the rest of the wawa components ? or switch out to 3/8 barbs on the blocks ? from the looks of the pics i seen and few reviews i read the Cm blocks seem to work just as well on a High FLow wawa set up ..

  2. Hope everything works out for ya , and if you need to work out a deep scratch use the 400 grit to resurface it , then work to the 600 , and then the 1000 and if you want that polished look i say the 20 or the 25 micron should do ya fine , i just use 400 , 600 , then 1200 and if i want to spend that much time i go with 2000 with a lil bit of Brasso on the sand paper to polish it . I find that goin in small circles works quite well for me , by goin in 1 direction ( for me that is ) i allways seem to tilt the Hsf ..

  3. Koolance does the same thing they have their own coolant for their set ups , the main reason is because they make the coolant specifically for their own components on cooling and corrosion . personally i think they should allow people to use thier own coolants as it is machine specific not nesserily components specific .

  4. It is nice to have a board that does that . but they also are not 100% either . this lil mod is for those times that it doesnt work LOL .... and i will hopefully complete it later today bro has my solder and my rasin ...

  5. Well as an overclocker / modder I am allways finding myself on having to clear the cmos because of a setting I have gotten wrong in Bios ( either being setting the Fsb to high , ram to tight , or some other general setting ) also I get real Tired of having to pull out cards Just to get to the stupid Clear Cmos Jumper and having to put back in the cards etc. etc. etc. . Well I seen My brother Do this peticular mod ( I wish I can take credit for it I cant , and I asked him if I could Share it ) . the Parts I used Were 1 Fan Connector ( the one on the fan , 1 Fan connector adapter ( the one use the connect a Molex to a 3 pin fan ) , 1 Lil Cmos Jumper , Oh yea forgot a Soldering Iron and some solder .

    Ok first I am goin to show you the board inside the case and location of the Cmos ( I am using a Msi880 Mb ) now you can use this mod on any board with a clear Cmos Jumper . Looking at the board inside the case you can see where the Cmos jumper is located ( green Circle ) and such a awkward location for a Cmos Jumper to be at .

    Pic 1

    Ok now these next 2 shots are the board laying out side of the case and I marked the location of the cmos jumper by a green circle .

    Pic 2

    Pic 3

    Well now lets move on to what we need to do next . heres a shot of the items we need to lengthen the cmos jumper a Adapter for a 3 pin fan and a fan connector ( 3 pin style )

    Pic 4

    now lets start with the fan adapter ( molex to 3 pin fan connector ) in the picture above you want to remove the black covering's over the wire ( slide em back over the wire exposing the wire to connector solder ) now once you done that step get a soldering iron and desolder the wires on them pins Or if you want just pull really hard on the wires and they will come off LOL .... Also you would want to cut the actual fan connector back bout 3 or 4 inches from the connector this is what you should have right now .

    Pic 5

    now You want to make sure that you have 3 leads from the fan connector I am using Black (top) , Red (center) , and White (bottom) if you dont have 3 leads find a connector that does . Doesnt matter what color they are . More later ....

  6. hmmm from the looks of them type of fans they may be assembled bout the same way , i can never get one to rip apart nor get any really good pics of all sides to determine that if you can show some pics and maybe i maybe able to render assistance .

  7. it is not that powerful of a set up i would just cool a Cpu with it nothing much more then that . but if you goin to go out and get another rad for it might as well build a custom one . or get the auqagate for ease of installation if you just planning on cooling the cpu

  8. use a jigsaw or a dremel , after of coarse you draw a cool design on the side panal , just like cutting a peice of wood just harder , if you goin to use a jigsaw ( i recomend that one be used ) get a good blade for cutting sheet metal ( it will have a real fine teeth to it ) ....

  9. I would look into a more bigger set up like a double 120 rad set up the augagate is a good set up for smaller type systems or for the person getting started in wawa ...

  10. y did you go aluminum then ... the stock msi cooler is a nice hsf and it allows more then enough overclocking head room , the only thing that was an issue was the fan ....

  11. I understand ur point exactly , As i was equally upset when i found my pins on my cpu were bent , Now if you beleve that lapping hsf's and rebending pins on a cpu , making ur own Cpu water block is all inherent ( or something that goes Poof its in there you now know how to do things you are sadly mistaken ) Now the my main reason for this is because is it really worth the time the trouble and the aggravation , and threatening a company ( that allready has a good reputation for good quality products ) not to use there products ( in some cases there maybe a good solid reason ) i am mostly questioning the reason why for this ..... i dont work for Cm i dont sell there products , and i sure in the world dont represent them at all in any way shape or form .... now if waiting 2 + weeks ranting and raving ( basically that was done earlier ) for a replacement Part , out ways you showing a family member how things work ( and :) you could have also showed him how to lap a Hsf at the same time ) then by all means more the power to you to . And yes it should be brought up to Cm bout how there products are getting messed up , couldnt that still be resolved by simply telling Cm nicly and calmly that when you bought a Cm hsf it was Scratched ( showing them pics too ) and also telling them that you purchased a Lapping kit to fix it ( thats where u can bend the truth a lil ) because you didnt feel like waiting a couple of weeks for a replacement because you need that part today , and that the purpose of this email isnt telling ya i need a replacment it is pretty much letting you all know that there maybe a problem with ur packaging or assembly ( it is not like it was compltly mangled or unusable) . thats my arguement , he had the stuff and the knowaldge to fix it right then and there , and this whole thread wouldnt have had to happen .....

    now what if he didnt know how to lap a hsf , ok Like i mentioned earlier i am part of a well reconized Overclocking forum and review site ( i will keep the name of that place and my name to me ) and if someone ever asks how do i Lap a Hsf ? i will most graciously go out of my way to help that person , no questions or strings attached . also will gladly help anyone who asks for help or if i dont know it i sure will find out how .... It isnt hard to find things out like that , thats how i figured out how to restraightened my pins on my cpu , i asked ..... now if he has exhausted all other means of communication ( which it is apprent that it wasnt bc they did send him a replacement wether or not it was scratched too they still sent him a replacement ) then go all out and do what you gotta do and heck i may even join on in wit ya .

  12. Well i am not loaded nor do i have a job at this time to get some things ( hence the reason for me entering contests , in hopes i can get stuff i need or want for my comp ) I didnt say go and let this sit idly by , all i suggested is mearly fix a solution and also notify Cm of a apprent issue . I just merly went off from ur other posts saying how you wanted to show your bro how to assemble comps and that a Hsf was getting in the way of that . you also stated that you have knowaladge in Lappin Hsf's and have the stuff required to do so , so i basically said was go forth lap the Hsf , But before doin so take pictures of it , then send off the pictures to Cm reps and explain the situation ( in a nice way ) , Now I also had a issue at one point with a cpu when i purchased it . I bought a 2500 barton core cpu for 150$ and when i opened the package i found out that it had a few bent pins , so i grabbed a camera took pics of it then i got a knife straightened the bent pins and put it in system and it worked , next then i wrote to Amd and the company i purchased the cpu from emailed then the pics of the shape of the Cpu and basically told em what i had to do , there responce was " we are terriby sorry for the inconvience this may have caused you and they will investigate this problem and they sent me a Amd shirt " the company said pretty much the same thing but they sent me a 20 $ gift certificate for any purchase in that store ....

    Just so some of you know , I wouldnt have enterd a contest if i could afford all new stuff kinda defeats the purpose . i also wouldnt have Modded a case that is 3 yrs old and been modded by me 2 other times prior to this contest and if I did have the money it sure as heck would have been finished before entering this contest ( orginally i was goin to pull out of it because 1) i couldnt get a clear enough picture of it 2) because it wasnt finished . but because of a great person was nice enough to tell me that it was fine and encouraged me to get a better picture of it ( you know who you are ) so because of that person i decided to stick round this forum . i felt if he was willing to go out of his/her way to make me feel comfortable then definetly deserves my attention and help ( if available ) . so before questioning my motives or suggestions just remember that the other person on the other end is human too , and should be treated in a way as you want to be treated good thngs come to those who are pateint and understanding ....

  13. hmmm to ans the analogy , it depends on seriousness of the scratch a slight blemish yes i would take the time to fix But i would also make a note to tell the Sales Reps bout the current situation , now back to the Hsf you waited bout a week to get a replacement and now you are goin to wait even longer for yet another replacement ( god only knows it maybe scratched too ) so you got bout 2 weeks in waiting for a Hsf that it could have taken you roughly an hour or so to Lap a Hsf to use that peticular product . now i do understand your anger ( i couldnt think anything else at this time ) but i would have lapped the Hsf then contacted Cm with pictures bout the shape of the Hsf ... Now you sit there getting upset at Cm or other Companies that sells Cm products at the light blemish of a surface of a product that could have been fixed by you and you could have still told Cm or the other companies bout that .... solving 2 problems at one time 1) you be happy that ur new Hsf is on your comp and you been able to show Bro on how comps get put together 2) you also would have accomplished by notifing Cm about a condition of a product that you purchased therefore making Cm aware of it So they Maybe Able to fix that problem in the future ( maybe different packaging ) and while still maintaining a Great Posture With Cm . Logic Dictates Here . WOuld I wait 14 + days for to use a Product because of a slight blemish that i could very much possible fix ( almost anything can be ) with in an hour . My answer is this No I would Not Wait 14+ days i would go and fix the blemish . Anger Management at its finest

    And to ans Xstax I am a Overclocker I will Push a cpu To the Breaking point and hold it there and then do it some more :twisted: i learned bout Lapping when i first Joined Up a Overclocking Forum bout 2 yrs ago , the basic principles of lapping a hsf is to get as many of the impirfections out ( Flatness ) also causing the Hsf more contact with the Cpu therfore cooling it even more you can gain 3-5 degrees C on aluminum 5-10 degrees on Copper ( greatly depends oen how well you lapped it i seen some that looks like a mirror ) again allowing you to ( in my case ) to Overclock it some more .....

  14. well if it was me , i dont sweat the small stuff . i would have just gotten my lil ole trusty lapping kit ( usually just a piece of 1200 ) and my trusty good ole cutting board , and lapped it . it only takes a few minutes and plus i will allways hand lap a Hsf ( no matter where it came from ) as soon as i got it . no muss no fuss just happy times . not really Cm's Fault , or any ones fault for that matter :) happens . yes even tho you did get 2 Hsf's with similar scratches Blau Blau Blau , i wouldnt gotten upset at the second one because i would have just lapped the first one in the first place therefore never recieving the second one to get mad bout ......